So You Want To Become A Grey’s Anatomy Binge-Watcher? Here’s How To Prepare Yourself

Thu, March, 3 by Lydia Reabel- Pinheiro


Being a Grey’s Anatomy fan takes a lot of hard work, dedication and more importantly mental stability. The show has a way of creating scenarios that will have you wondering, “What kind of person thinks of this stuff!?”.

Season 12 has finally started back up again and in true Grey’s fashion, the first episode takes all your hopes and dreams and pours them down the drain. Just when you were starting to miss the show, it reminds you of why you actually hate that you love it.

Believe it or not, there are still people out there that have not subjected themselves to the horror of Grey’s and for that, we envy you. But if you happen to be one of those people, and for some reason you’ve decided your life needs more extremely dramatic events, you’ve come to the right place.

Here is everything you need to know to mentally prepare yourself for the life of a Grey’s Anatomy binge watcher. (Spoilers ahead, obviously).

1.Your favourite character will die 

giphy (1)

We’re going to just lay it right out for you. If you start developing an emotional attachment to a certain character and you’ve started to see them more frequently in episodes. If your’re like “yeah this is great, I love them!” and find yourself totally relating to their character. Well, we’re sorry to say this, but they are about to die.

2. You are going to take a ride on an emotional roller coaster. Every. Single. Episode.


If you’re thinking, “Okay that was bad, but it can’t possibly get worse than that,” you are wrong. Even if you’re like, “Wow this is the most happy I’ve felt all season!”, you’ll probably end up still crying even if there happy tears. Sometimes you won’t even know what your tears mean and you won’t even know what you’re crying about. It’s probably just the music. Either way, it will get to you.

3. Unless the characters name is in the show title, their relationship probably won’t last


You’ve watched two characters who are not Meredith Grey slowly fall in love over the duration of five to six episodes. They’ve had their ups and downs but you’re hopeful their love will still triumph. They’ve even developed a super cheesy couple name and you basically consider yourself their child. Now would be a good time to prepare yourself for their break up because this is heading straight for disaster.

4. After about season two, you will consider yourself a medical professional


You have no idea what “pushing one of epi” does, but if someone’s heart stops, you’re confident it will help. Code blue is bad, code red is really bad, code black is terrifying. If someone asks you to order an MRI, you won’t find it on a menu. Post-op and pre-op are pretty obvious, but you’ll still feel like an expert saying it.

5. Don’t try to figure out who is going to get with who

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Plain and simple, everyone gets with everyone. If they swear to only be friends, it will happen. If they hate each other, it will happen. If they love each other but shouldn’t be together, it will happen. If one is an ex of the other’s best friend, it will happen. Basically no matter what the scenario or background history, they are most likely going to do it. And it will most likely be in the on-call room in between surgeries.

6. McDreamy and McSteamy are not items on the McDonald’s menu 


They may sound delicious but trust us, they look even better. Derek Shepherd and Mark Sloan sit on a level of hotness no one else has yet to reach. They are basically a completely different species and can only really be describe through the names of McDreamy and McSteamy.

7. If The Fray or Snow Patrol start playing, prepare yourself for the worst 


At no point in any season has The Fray or Snow Patrol played during a joyous occasion. These songs only enter during the most devastating and tragic events. The soft piano medley and touching lyrics will pull right at your heart strings instantly. The only time these songs won’t effect you is during one musical episode when the entire cast breaks into song and your left wondering when it will ever end.

8. You will need a break after every four episodes 


Now that Grey’s is on its 12th season, you have a lot of catching up to do. Lucky for you, you never have to wait a week until the next episode. You have it all right there at your fingertips for your binge-watching pleasure. With that said, as addictive as the show is, you will not be able to make it through more than four episodes without a break. Mainly to go wash the tears off your face, take a few deep breathes and remind yourself this isn’t happening to you.

9. Weddings never ever go as planned 


There’s a saying that something always goes wrong on your wedding, big or small, it’s bound to happen. But a Grey’s Anatomy wedding is another story. Just when you think, finally you have made it to an episode full of love and celebration, think again. You won’t be hearing any vows any time soon.

10. You will feel a constant need to find your “person”


The friendship between Meredith and Cristina will have you rooting for them through every season. They are the ultimate #RelationshipGoal. Being someones person means you’re the one to tell them how it really is, pick them up when they fall and be there to celebrate when they don’t. If you haven’t already found your person, you should start handing out applications now. Meredith and Cristina’s friendship will only make you want one more.

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