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Before Gaga and Miley Came The Divine Miss M


Thu, October, 16 by



What compelled us to share how fabulous Better Midler is? Just her existence. It is also Hocus Pocus season so there is that. If you were born in the late 80’s and don’t have a special feeling for this song, I don’t know how to help you.

She also became Twitter firey the other day when she tweeted that she is happy that Taylor Swift is giving singing advice and not dating advice on The Voice but ended the Tweet with, “Still, isn’t she great?” Classic, Bette, a little tease and a lot of class.

She also is releasing a new album. The first single proves why she is one of the greats, not just for your parents but also for everyone to enjoy. Gaga is as much inspired by Bette, especially in this part of her career, as Madonna.

Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked. Because we have this blog and can do what we want and we think that you love The Divine Miss M too, here are her most fabulous moments.

When she did hot dog costumes before Miley did hot dog costumes:

When she did mermaids and wheelchairs before Gaga:

When she played herself in 2025 in an old age home with Cher & Elton John:

Oh, did Gaga do something like that too?

Final Sketch Old Lady Gaga SNL 2013 from Bolívar Emmanuel Germanotta on Vimeo.

When she lead Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton in a rousing rendition of “You Don’t Own Me” in First Wives Club:

When she Tweeted this:

All of the times she presented at the Grammys in the 70s. Like in 1976:

“It is always nice to visit L.A. the home of absolutely nothing.”

When she Tweeted this:

When she was on Seinfeld:

When she Tweeted this:

We love you Bette!