6 Much Creator Videos That Create Dialogue About Mental Health

Living with mental hardships isn’t easy. And neither is talking about it. But listening to other people’s experiences and sharing advice can make the journey bearable.

To celebrate Bell Let’s Talk Day, we’ve put together a list of videos from our Much Creators that tackle issues of mental illness, the stigma surrounding it, and how to thrive despite these factors. Scroll through to join the conversation:


‘How To Be Okay’ by Tasha Leelyn

Pastel Princess Tasha Leelyn talks about personal struggles with her own metal well-being and offers a step-by-step list of things that she does, and that you can do too, to feel better.


‘Living with Trichotillomania and Tattooed Eyebrows’ by SneakerTalk

Resident sneakerhead SneakerTalk shares personal struggles with insecurities about his appearance and how he’s actively working to overcome them.


‘Dating Someone With Anxiety’ by Michael Rizzi

Savvy storyteller Michael Rizzi is joined by his boyfriend to discuss how to be supportive and empathetic of your partner’s mental well-being.


‘Productivity While Depressed/Anxious | Positive Psychology’ by MissFenderr

Depression and anxiety can make even the simplest task seem unattainable. Luckily, MissFenderr has some advice on how to get stuff done when you aren’t feeling your best!


‘My First Panic Attack’ by TheDanocracy

Panic attacks are terrifying, especially if you don’t know what’s happening to you. TheDanocracy shares his first experience with one, and the comfort he’s found learning he’s not alone.


‘Depression, Panic Attacks & Anxiety, Therapy and Treatment Advice – GIRL WHA?!’ by Letitia Kiu

Letitia Kiu enlists the help of her friends to create an insightful dialogue about mental wellness in this very special episode of GIRL WHA?!


Don’t forget to show your support by participating in Bell Let’s Talk Day. Bell Let’s Talk Day is an annual initiative to help end the stigma surrounding mental illness. Take part in Bell Let’s Talk Day on January 31 by sending a text message, making a mobile or long distance call using Bell Media products, tweeting with the hashtag #BellLetsTalk, using the Facebook Bell Let’s Talk frame, and using the Snapchat Bell Let’s Talk geofilter. Each time you do this, Bell will donate 5¢ to mental health initiatives.