Bella Thorne And Patrick Schwarzenegger Might Make Us Cry In ‘Midnight Sun’ Trailer



Tragic teen romances never fail to make us swoon and cry, (sometimes at the same time) and we’re fairly certain that the upcoming Midnight Sun will be no exception. And no, we’re not talking about the unreleased Twilight companion book Stephanie Meyer talked about publishing that one time.

Based on a 2006 Japanese film of the same name, Midnight Sun follows Katie Price (Famous in Love’s Bella Thorne), a musically talented and imaginative teenager. Katie’s normal in every sense of the word—apart from the fact that she happens to have xeroderma pigmentosum, an illness that basically prevents her from being exposed to sunlight. For seventeen long years, Katie has experienced the world from the safety of her home. But that all changes when she decides to practice her guitar out by the curb and runs into Charlie (The Long Road Home’s Patrick Schwarzenegger), the neighbourhood boy she’s been watching from her bedroom window since she was a kid.

Fortunately the awkward fact that Katie’s been stalking (her words, not ours) Charlie doesn’t stop them from developing an epic romance. Once Katie agrees to go on a date with Charlie (at night, of course), they quickly fall for each other. But after weeks of ice cream excursions, stargazing by the fire and concert-going, reality sets in and Katie’ father (The Hangover’s Rob Riggle) pushes Katie to tell her new beau about her condition.

Spoiler alert: Charlie eventually discovers Katie’s secret. And while he’s upset that she didn’t tell him about it earlier, he insists on staying by Katie’s side and supporting her while her condition worsens. The whole thing is very A Walk to Rememberesque, which makes us think (as much as we hate to say it) that Katie dies before the movie ends. At least she gets to graduate, party and, somehow, dramatically kiss Charlie on a boat at sunset before she (possibly) meets her unfortunate fate. We’re not sure how and why that last one happens—maybe it’s part of a fantasy or dream sequence?

Midnight Sun is directed Scott Speer, who directed music videos for all of our early 2000s faves (including Aly & AJ and Ashley Tisdale) as well as the fourth and fifth instalments in the Step Up franchise. It’ll be interesting to see how Thorne (who’s recently starred in a number of horrors and thrillers) and Schwarzenegger (who doesn’t have a ton of acting experience) fare in a movie that essentially rides on their ability to carry heavy, emotional scenes. But based on what we saw from the trailer (which is set to “Spirits” by Canadian rock band The Strumbellas, by the way), the chemistry between the two is undeniable.

Midnight Sun doesn’t come out until March 23, 2018, but you can check out the heart-wrenching trailer below.