Relive The Best Cameos From Season 1 Of Detroiters

Detroiters, Jason Sudeikis

In Season 1 of the hit comedy series Detroiters, local ad men Sam and Tim proved that you can make terrible ads while making great friendship moments. Now the lovable pair are back for a second season, with the two-episode premiere arriving at Much on Thursday, June 21.

When the ad men of motor city return with a new season of amazingly bad local ads, there will likely be some familiar faces. Season 1 of Detroiters featured an impressive list of cameos, including Saturday Night Live alums like Jason Sudeikis and Cicely Strong and even a WWE superstar. No, not John Cena or Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. They’re not the only wrestlers who can act.

Check out the best cameos from Season 1 of Detroiters and don’t miss the Season 2 premiere on Thursday, June 21 on Much.

Jason Sudeikis

Executive Producer Jason Sudeikis isn’t just lending his name to Detroiters, he’s also playing the show’s best straight man in a recurring role. Appearing in the series premiere and the Season 1 finale, Sudeikis stars as Carter Grant, an ad-exec for Chrysler who takes a chance on Cramblin and Duvet advertising. Too bad for Grant, the guys are so excited to arrive on time for their pitch meeting that they hit him with a car and leave him for dead. Well, they leave him for dead with a potato chip bag on his head, so at least it wasn’t heartless.

Steve Higgins

In the first episode of Detroiters, fans got to see exactly what happens when the people of Detroit put give their advertising dollars to Cramblin and Duvet Advertising. Or in this case, what happens when Sam and Tim are too busy chasing Chrysler deals and leave their intern Lea in charge of editing a commercial for Eddie Champagne, the king of hot tubs. Played by The Tonight Show co-host Steve Higgins, the commercial gets really, really dark, but manages to save to Eddie’s marriage. Even bad things turn out good on Detroiters, which is why we love this show so much.

Keegan Michael-Key

Playing furniture store owner Smilin’ Jack, Key and Peele’s Keegan Michael-Key is a prospective client for Cramblin Duvet Advertising who is looking for an ad doesn’t allow for people to vandalize his ads with giant penises and butts. Thankfully, you can’t paint poops on local TV commercials.

Obba Babatundé

Emmy winner Obba Babatundé has starred in TV shows like Kingdom, Madam Secretary, The Bold and The Beautiful, Dawson’s Creek, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and more, as well as movies like That Thing You Do!, Philadelphia, and How High, but his turn as Sam’s dad, aka Mr. Duvet, is one of our favourites. What kind of person throws themselves a party every year and expects people to make speeches? Mr. Duvet.

Malcolm-Jamal Warner

The Cosby star took a trip from Brooklyn to Detroit to play a local business owner who wants an ad that’s filled with sexy dancing. What he got instead was Tim and Sam doing their version of what they think is hot. Catch the baby.

Cecily Strong

When the guys run into money trouble and start visiting clients who have yet to pay them, they visit Roz Chunks, mom lawyer. Played by the always hilarious SNL actor Cecily Strong, Roz doesn’t have the money to cover her ad fee because her son recently learned to masturbate. Oh yeah, it’s a whole thing.

Kevin Nash

Throughout Season 1 of Detroiters, Tim talks about his father Big Hank, the man who started Cramblin Advertising and then had to be committed to the psych ward. In Episode 9, we finally see the man behind the ads and it’s WWE wrestler Kevin Nash. Adding the word ‘Big’ in front of his character name is definitely fitting.