The 8 Best Dog Music Videos For When You’re Having A Ruff Day

It’s been two years since A$AP Ferg’s last proper full-length song, but just last week the rapper reunited with A$AP Rocky on a new single “Pups,” and one week later they’ve hit us with a music video featuring… drumroll please—pups!

If you’ve checked out the neon-filled flashy music video already and still can’t get enough of the two seconds of dog cameos (we know we were left craving for more doggo goodness), you’ve come to just the right place. From J. Cole to TXT, we’ve rounded up all the good boys and good girls over the years for a cross-genre master list of our favourite tail-wagging tunes.


“The Take Over, The Breaks Over” – Fall Out Boy

You don’t want to miss this one if you want to catch Pete Wentz’s 2009 hair and a talking dog that calms down an angry mob, and oh, did we mention the dancers grooving in skimpy cat costumes?


“Wait Up (Boots of Danger)” – Tokyo Police Club

Dogs meeting up with their dog friends while running around the city and then frolicking in a pool. ‘Nuff said. What we’re wondering is did our invitation to this pool party get lost in the mail?


“White Knuckles” – OK Go

OK Go has never disappointed in the creativity department when it comes to their one-take music videos, and you should definitely treat your eyes to this one for the most imaginative 3:35 dog-filled minutes of your life (and also watch out for a mountain goat cameo, if you’re into that.)


“Save The World” – Swedish House Mafia

While we certainly hope no puppers were harmed in the making of this video, we do agree—dogs can indeed save the world. If you want to see man’s best friend do just that, and give loving doggie smooches at the end, be sure to press play on this crime-fighting music video.


“Wet Dreamz” – J. Cole

Who can forget J. Cole’s 2015 video for “Wet Dreamz?” No one was expecting such a surprisingly wholesome video to this highly explicit tune, but to be honest we’re hoping more directors will take this route when approaching hip hop and R&B tracks with not-so-kid-friendly themes; we’re sick of seeing the same few ostentatious scenes, the world needs more happy puppies playing together.


“Boys” – Charli XCX

Remember when this music video just came out and the Internet collectively freaked out? We do. But do you remember the part where a few boys (namely Tinie Tempah, Diplo, and Khalid) play with puppies? No? Well now is a good time as ever to get your daily dog fix and review.


“Kiwi” – Harry Styles

Although the woofers don’t appear in this music video until later, in the meantime you can feast your eyes on the epic food fight that occurs until you get to the part where Harry Styles himself charges into the thick of the action with a cavalry of puppies. Yes, you read that right. We aren’t sure who’s more adorable in this music video—the kids, Harry Styles, or the puppy brigade.


“Cat & Dog” – TXT

And speaking of cute boys, TXT presents us with five. The music video to the South Korean boy band’s second single finds the boys themselves turning into puppies and kittens with the help of Snapchat-style filters and an energetic dance routine that features animal-inspired choreography. The boys also play with actual puppies later on in the music video, so you know, you can get the best of both worlds.