31 Days of Holiday Awesome: The Best Memes Of 2016


With another year coming to a close, it’s once again time to round up our favourite Internet memes of the past 12 months. Like historical photos or text, memes offer a snapshot of the year’s biggest events—only in a funnier, more retweet-worthy medium. From Harambe to Arthur’s fist, the Internet had no shortage of viral content to entertain us in 2016. Check out the best of the best below.

Arthur’s Fist

Two decades after Arthur first premiered, the beloved cartoon aardvark came back, in a big way, in our favourite art form: the meme. A close up of Arthur’s fist, grabbed from the iconic episode where he punches his sister D.W, took the Twitterverse by storm. Paired with captions of frustrating moments, this meme became super relatable thanks to its ability to capture so many emotions at once.

Here Come Dat Boi

Dat boi cycled into cyberspace, our timelines and our hearts earlier this year, spreading chill vibes wherever he went. You never could expect when you’d see Dat Boi pop up on the Internet (his meaning and “correct” usage are still debatable) but one thing that you could count on is that he’d happily be greeted with an, “O shit waddup!”



Blurry Mr. Krabs

Since its first appearance early this year, Blurry Mr. Krabs has been a contender for the best meme of 2016. It perfectly captured feelings of confusion, shock and fear in one perfect fuzzy image. Spongebob memes had a huge year, so we’d also like the take the opportunity to shout out the closely related Caveman Spongebob.

Damn Daniel

As the 2016 answer to last year’s “WHAT ARE THOOOOOSE?,” the 30-second video compilation, Damn Daniel, churned through the meme life cycle, becoming unfunny almost as quickly as it rose to Internet stardom.  Despite “Damn Daniel” being overused to the point of obscurity, we’re still pouring one out for the unsuspecting high school kid who always appeared to be “back at it again” with the white Vans and Stussy tees.

Evil Kermit

Can we take a moment to appreciate everything Kermit the Frog has done for meme culture? From sipping tea and minding his own business to pensively staring outside rainy windows, there seems to be a Kermit meme for every occasion and emotion. Case in point: Evil Kermit. The hooded black frog represents our deepest (and sometimes darkest) inner desires. Whether you want to be lazy, nosy or petty, Evil Kermit is there to enable you.

Drake Sitting On Things

Where there’s Drake, there are memes—and his fifth studio album, Views, was no exception. The ridiculous (and obviously Photoshopped) cover art featured the 6ix God perched on his throne: Toronto’s CN Tower. Similar to his previous release, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, the Internet made an easy generator that allowed users to put tiny sitting Drake on anything. The results were amazing.


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Conceited’s Pursed Lips

You might not know its origin, but you’ve definitely seen rapper Conceited’s pursed lips of dissatisfaction on your timeline or feed. The close-up cropped image comes from a 2013 video that shows Conceited pursing his lips and rolling his eyes during a rap battle. But since then, the image has gone on to be a universal symbol for disapproval.


The tragedy that left a 17 year-old silverback gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo dead will be forever immortalized in meme culture. Harambe continued to find his way into various Internet jokes throughout the year—from people swearing to revenge his death, to the strange Twitter tributes, to even being “voted” for in the U.S. election.