R.I.P. Vine: Watch Much’s 10 Best Vines On Loop


It’s the day we’ve all been dreading—after today, Vine will be no more.

Don’t panic. You can still watch old Vines and even download Vines up until the end of the day, but then, Vine as we know it will soon be replaced with Vine Camera—an app that lets users record short looping videos and post them directly to Twitter. But, that doesn’t mean we’re not feeling the loss of a social media platform that changed the game forever.

While countless “Best of Vine” compilations have been posted over the past few months, we thought we’d say goodbye to Vine in style by creating a list of the top ten Vines from our own Much account.

From our first Lights-themed post all the way back in 2013 to coverage of the 2016 iHeartRadio MMVAs, the Much Vine account has produced some gems. So, without further ado, here’s our official farewell to Vine.

Tyler Posey spreads the love on the Mike On Much podcast.

We love you too, Tyler.

Max from Arkells and Tegan and Sara form a musical dream team before our very eyes.

Could a joint tour be in their future? Maybe a collaborative album? It sounds right to us.

Ashley Benson speaks for us all when she answers a question about her secret-keeping skills.

Come on, Ashley—those PLL spoilers are way too good to keep to yourself.

Jus Reign tries his best to channel his “Panda” energy on stage at the 2016 MMVAs

Maybe he’ll make a cameo in the next Kung Fu Panda sequel?

And then there was Jus Reign and Desiigner’s impromptu collab/PSA about saving the polar bears

Fun fact: this post is our most looped Vine of all time.

When Jimmy Fallon gave the MMVAs a shout out on The Tonight Show.

And we had no choice but to fangirl our hearts out.

That time Ben Mulroney took one for the team and got a cat tattoo to get Canadians to vote.

We really hope he didn’t get it removed.

We’re not entirely sure what Luke Bilyk is doing here, but he’s clearly a fan of Sickick.

And thanks to that mask, we’ll never know how Sickick reacted.

Ed Sheeran promotes the 2015 MMVAs with his new BFF Ryan “Goose”ling.

Who will obviously star in the La La Land sequel.

And finally, Liz Trinnear gets in a quick Shake Weight workout before leaving the office.

How can we sign up for one of her classes? #NewYearNewUs.