The Best ‘Panda’ Remixes You Have To Hear


We would be surprised if you haven’t heard the song “Panda,” by Brooklyn rapper Future Desiigner. After being originally released in December, the song slowly clawed its way through the Billboard Hot 10 before dethroning Rihanna’s song “Work” and taking sole possession of that top spot on the charts.

When you release a song with this much hype that becomes an overnight hit, you should expect to hear a whole lot of remixes from other artists trying to capitalize on the wave. So without further ado, here are the best remixes to Desiigner’s “Panda.”



T-Pain may not be known for his aggressiveness like other rappers, but on his very own remix T-Mix of “Panda,” he comes through sounding hungrier than ever. Though his version also features Young Cash, the auto-tune pioneer provides us with an in-your-face version of the banger that rivals Desiigner’s original version. Check it out here.

Meek Mill


We know. World tour or your girl’s tour? The beef is old news. Meek Mill had a rough year. His “Panda” remix is a two-for-one as the first half of the song has Meek spitting over the beat of Drake’s “Summer Sixteen.” He sounds like he’s beefing with everyone here and even reflects on some hometown violence. No ghost-writer included. Check out Meek’s version here. Head to the 1:50 mark to skip over the “Summer Sixteen” remix.

Lupe Fiasco


Master of wordplay Lupe Fiasco gave us what may be one of the most creative remixes of any song in recent memory. Lupe used the song’s title and likened it to the popular chain restaurant Panda Express. The lyrics revolve around the food joint, as Lupe seems to really enjoy his Asian-American cuisine: “That sweet fire chicken bananas/ Might have me dancing like hammer”. Lupe shows us that even on remixes he’ll always keep it fresh and interesting. Check it out here.

Lil’ Kim & Maino


This one is as much of a shoutout as it is a remix. Like Desiigner, Lil’ Kim and Maino are from Brooklyn so it makes sense that the two veterans welcome the newcomer to the game by remixing his tune. “Welcome to the royal Brooklyn family,” says Lil’ Kim as she opens the song. Click here to listen.

Dave East

dave east

Perhaps the most unknown artist on the list, Dave East has potential. Being signed to Nas’ Mass Appeal Records, you have to expect some bars from the rapper. The beat has been noticeably tampered with, as the bass sounds a lot deeper and bangs harder—even though we thought that wasn’t possible. Hopefully the fellow New Yorker gets some praise from Desiigner for the solid remix. Check it here.

Kanye West


Now maybe you weren’t expecting to see this name on the list, but Kanye’s own version of the song is more of a sample than a remix, but it may be the reason “Panda” skyrocketed to success. Kanye gets introspective when opening up the track, as you can hear the “Panda” beat building in the background before a heavy bass drop introduces Desiigner. It’s definitely a stand out track on Kanye’s The Life Of Pablo. Check it out if you haven’t.