7 Shows From The 2000s That Are Worth Rewatching


In a world where live television has taken a back seat to streaming services, we now have the ability to go where no man (or woman) has been before–on a 10-hour binge watch of a single TV series. The current television landscape is chock-full of great content, so we’re taking refuge in our favourite shows from a simpler time—the 2000s. Here are seven shows from the 2000s that are totally worth rewatching (ideally, in a single sitting. Just kidding. Kind of.)


There are some series that appeal to the masses (Seinfeld) and others that are more of the love or hate variety (we love you, Gilmore Girls). With Entourage, a series loosely based on actor and series producer Mark Wahlberg, it’s the latter. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s really like to be a Hollywood A-lister or the best friend of a Hollywood A-lister (or his D-list, but well-meaning brother), Entourage is your front seat, fly on the wall view. The cars are hot, the women are hotter, and Jeremy Piven as super-agent Ari Gold is one of TV’s greatest characters of all time. Don’t believe us? We’ll send Ari after you. Lllllllloyd! -Allison, MUCH


How To Make It In America
If you like a show that combines a killer soundtrack, very attractive and talented actors, sexy times, and an underdog story about fashion, all set with the real (not soundstage) New York as its background, then you probably like entertaining things. We like them too. You should also watch How To Make It In America. Ben (Bryan Greenberg) is a retail salesman trying to prove to his ex that he’s not a screw up. The best way to do that is to successfully launch his own clothing line with his best friend Cam (Victor Rasuk). The chemistry between the two male leads is undeniable, with Ben and Cam as the duo you both root for and really want to hang out with. There’s just something about watching cool people do cool things in New York that makes you feel cooler by default. And who wouldn’t want to watch that? HTMIIA was cancelled before its time and unfortunately never got the recognition it deserved. If you liked Entourage or Sex and the City or any show with likable, relatable characters trying to figure out how to do this ‘adult’ thing, How To Make It In America is a must-see. -Allison, MUCH


Degrassi: The Next Generation
I have followed the lives of these totally relatable teenagers for far too long now. Degrassi has remained my ultimate guilty pleasure since the Next Generation aired in October of 2001. Every time you try to move on from the series, they hook you with another school fire or risky scandal. With that said, the early days of Degrassi will always remain my favourite. It is hard to top a character like Jimmy Brooks, with one of the most heartbreaking stories in Degrassi history. Or the fact that he goes on to become Drake once he’s off the show, no big deal. Don’t even get me started on all the teen pregnancies, student deaths, break-ups and even hostage situations that took up the many seasons of Degrassi. If your heart can handle all the events of these poor teenagers, you will be hooked on this show for years like the rest of us. -Lydia, MTV FORA

the wire

The Wire
The Wire is one of the few shows I think would be able to stand among today’s amazing television content. The Wire was dark, gritty and poignant in ways that were way beyond the norm of 2000s television. For lovers of Breaking Bad and Mad Men (which is basically everyone on this planet) this is a must-see series. The themes of crooked politics (think House of Cards), race relations (like Orange Is The New Black) and the drug trade and justice system (Narcos and Making A Murderer, anyone?) all converge in this series, backdropped by a crime-stricken Baltimore. Whether you’ve watched the entire series in the past or have never seen an episode, The Wire is worth taking the time to go through. You’ll be amazed how relevant this show is, even 12 years after its premiere. -Celina, MUCH


Sex and the City
HBO’s Sex and the City is definitely a series on my must-rewatch list. I love this show because of the relatable and gush-worthy themes including true friendship, falling in love, and finding yourself. Plus, there’s never a shortage of funny scenes, scandalous moments, and great fashion on the show. Rewatching Carrie fall for Big over and over again never gets old. Even though this is hardly a spoiler and it happened on Sex and the City well over a decade ago, the feelings I get when watching it again are the same as when I saw it for the first time. Plus, this show is the perfect show to watch for girls-night-in gathering. I totally recommend that you re-watch this hit too. -Alexia, MUCH 


Six Feet Under
It’s surprising when people tell me they’ve never heard of this show, let alone watched it. Six Feet Under is my favourite HBO series of all time. An amazing plot line coupled with great acting keeps you hooked from beginning to end. But if you’re looking for a light-hearted, uplifting story this is not the series for you. I would describe it as a serious life drama. Very real and very raw. My one complaint is that they only made five seasons. -Katie, MTV FORA


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation was the best of the CSI series, hands down. I could hardly ever pick a favourite character because they all were fantastic in some sort of way. Whether it was Grissom and his weird obsession with bugs, Catherine being a complete badass, Brass delivering some brilliant one-liners or Warrick’s bright blue eyes, the characters are what made this show so memorable. Of course, the bizarre crimes and seeing the cool ways they solve them are just as memorable, but you definitely grow to really love every single person on the show. CSI is still a go-to show for me when I am channel surfing. If you’re reading this and you’ve never heard of this show (first of all, how?) think of it as the OG Criminal Minds…but way better. -Kelsey Coles, MTV

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