15 Fictional Stoners We’d Actually Want To Get High With

Broad City

It’s October 17 and if you’re in Canada, that means you can now legally purchase weed. While the logistics of distribution and rules on where and when Canadians can consume marijuana vary between provinces and territories, one thing we do know is that Canada as a whole is about to get a whole lot more relaxed. Get ready to hear even more ‘sorrys’ than ever before.

The legal age for purchasing marijuana will for the most part reflect the drinking age in each province or territory, so for those who are of age and wish to take advantage of the new laws, Wednesday is going to be a pretty exciting day. Or relaxing. Or mind bending. Or just very, very chill.

While marijuana as a legal substance is still very new in Canada, it has a long history on film, with many famous characters in movies and TV spouting the benefits of the green goddess on screen. Here are some fictional characters that we would actually like to smoke weed with IRL. Pass the kush, toke the doobie, smell the wacky tabacky, don’t bogart the reefer, and drop some chronic.


Anders, Adam and Blake, Workaholics

Anders, Adam, and Blake of Workaholics aren’t necessary good at their jobs, but they try hard. Well, that’s not true, but they are good at partying and do try hard at that. They’re the guys you want to hang out with after work, not be in charge of at work.


Abbi and Ilana, Broad City

Weed kweens Abbi and Ilana of Broad City know the importance of quality reefer, whether they’re using it to destress after spending all day fighting the patriarchy or celebrating 420. We want to hang out with the women who coined the term ‘natures wallet’ for the vagina, a place where you can (but absolutely should not) store weed. That idea still needs some finessing.


Jay and Silent Bob

If you like listening to people talk a whole lot of smack while high, Jay and his smoochie boochies are for you. If you’re looking for a friend who will pass the blunt and some much-needed advice, stay close to Silent Bob.


Towelie, South Park

No, you’re not high, that’s a towel that wants to give you drugs. Or maybe you are high. Either way, South Park’s Towelie dispenses advice while soaking up spills. He’s managed to keep his job at Lake Tardicaca after showing up for work stoned 14 times. So, he must be doing something that we can learn from.


Ben Stone, Knocked Up

Get yourself a friend who will save his bong when an earthquake hits. Don’t have a baby with him, because those are terrible priorities, but do stay on a first-name basis with him. Natural disasters are stressful!


Travis, Clueless

Has there ever been a more friendly, chilled out stoner on the big or small screen than Travis from Clueless? As if! He’s often tardy, but he gives thanks where it’s due, which is usually to the people at McDonalds who make him his breakfast. Such a blunt Baldwin.


Brian Johnson, The Breakfast Club

Weed can cause paranoia during a bad trip, but for Brian Johnson, it caused him to forget about school work and the lamp he made in shop class that didn’t work. We like to see people leave their worries for a few minutes and just chill, man.


Elizabeth Halsey, Bad Teacher

A teacher that spends her nights, weekends, and sometimes pre-school personal time getting drunk and high may not sound like the best educator, but Elizabeth Halsey did everything she could to make sure her kids got the highest test scores in the county. It was so that she could win the cash bonus and pay for breast enhancements, but let’s not nit pick. It’s a buzz kill.


Harold Lee and Kumar Patel, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle

Snacks can be a very important part of enjoying your desired herbal remedy. Having people in your life who are willing to go on what can only be described as an epic quest to secure the food you’re craving is a true sign of everlasting friendship.


Smokey, Friday

If you’re going to have a friend who smokes most of your weed and gets you shot at, they better be funny.


The Dude, The Big Lebowski

He’s The Dude. Who doesn’t want to hang out with The Dude?