Beyonce And Nicki Minaj Post #SquadGoal Videos

Beyonce and Nicki Main

Tina and Amy. Taylor and Selena. Now Nicki and Beyonce. The world of a-lister friends has a new duo in its midst and thanks to a recent upload by Beyonce, things are looking super cute.

Not one for sharing videos from her private life, this week Beyonce surprisingly posted a video of herself singing Darling Nicki over a video of herself and Nicki Minaj rehearsing for their TIDAL performance.

In the clip, Beyonce sings “I met this girl named Nicki / I guess you could say she was the rap queen”. The song is set to the tune of the duo’s track Feeling Myself, which the women performed together for the first time at a TIDAL event last week.

In addition to Darling Nicki, Beyonce also posted a behind the scenes video of the two women rehearsing in front of dancers. In a much more light-hearted scene than what we’re used to seeing from the two performers, Minaj and Beyonce aren’t able to get through rehearsals without laughing or maintaining their ‘ice grill’.

All the #SquadGoals.