Beyoncé, Katy Perry And More Musicians Singing Hillary Clinton’s Praises


It’s Election Day in the US and after months of campaigning in one of the most controversial election races ever, we’ll finally find out who the next President of the United States will be.

Many musicians have used their platform to campaign for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and in celebration of today’s election, we’re looking at some of Clinton’s most vocal musician supporters.

Beyoncé and Jay Z

Beyoncé and husband Jay Z performed at Clinton’s Cleveland rally on Saturday, where the Democratic nominee and former Secretary of State stood side by side with the powerhouse couple, as well as Cleveland native Lebron James.

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Chance The Rapper

After headlining a free concert in Chicago on Saturday, Chance the Rapper, who performed at the Clinton rally in Cleveland on Saturday, led thousands through the streets of Chicago to an early voting station for #ParadeToThePolls.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus and her famous tongue have been talking Clinton up for months, even crashing dorm rooms to encourage young voters to be educated on the issues and get out and vote.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry helped kick off Clinton’s official turn as the Democratic presidential nominee by performing her inspirational anthems “Roar” and “Rise” at the Democratic National Convention in July. Perry’s campaigning hasn’t slowed down, performing again with Clinton at her side during Friday’s Get Out The Vote rally and concert in Philadelphia.


Madonna knows a rebel heart when she sees one, so it’s no surprise the pop star has thrown her vote to Hillary Clinton. Madonna held a surprise impromptu concert in support of Clinton on Friday night in New York’s Washington Square Park, covering John Lennon’s “Imagine” and her own song “Rebel Heart.”

You May Say I’m A Dreamer……….but I’m not the only one! Vote for H.R.C.

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Lady Gaga

Calling it one of her “most favourite days I’ve ever had,” Gaga gave an inspiring speech at Monday’s North Carolina rally for Hillary Clinton. Mother Monster spoke at the final Democratic rally while wearing a jacket that once belonged to Michael Jackson, the same jacket he wore when receiving a humanitarian award from President George H. W. Bush. Let’s hope the ‘Presidential’ part of the jacket brings Clinton some good vibes.

Bruce Springsteen

At a pro-Clinton rally thrown by President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle in Philadelphia on Monday, Bruce Springsteen shared his thoughts on who should be the next boss of the United States. Performing three songs during his acoustic set, Springsteen told the crowds of thousands, “The choice tomorrow couldn’t be any clearer. Hillary’s candidacy is based on intelligence, experience, preparation and an actual vision of America where everyone counts.”

Bon Jovi

Not only did Bon Jovi lend his stillness skills to Clinton’s Mannequin Challenge video, the rock and roller also lent his voice to last night’s rally in Philly, performing four songs, including The Beatle’s “Here Comes The Sun”—urging the crowd to “think of Mrs. C when you hear this one.” Let’s hope that’s President C.

John Legend

Singer John Legend doesn’t want children growing up in a world that has a president children can’t look up to.


Hitmaker Pharrell is using his voice to encourage minorities to vote today and choose Hillary Clinton as the next President of the United States.