The Best Of Beyoncé’s Restaurant Memes

Just about everything Beyoncé, says, writes, posts, sings, wears, or does becomes an instantly iconic moment. The international superstar has spent two decades becoming one of the most popular and influential artists in the world and thanks to her new penchant for Instagram filters, fans are getting a look into the personal side of Queen Bey like never before.

After announcing earlier this year that she is expecting twins, Beyoncé turned the camera on herself, sharing a number of maternity shots on her website. Now Bey is keeping fans up to date on her growing belly with personal pics on social media, including her most recent shots take at mom Tina Knowles ‘Where Art Can Occur’ event, which included an appearance from Bey’s sister Solange and Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland.

During an outing last week with husband Jay Z, the power couple had dinner with friends and Beyoncé again showed her love for Insta filters by posting an album on her social media account.

One image in particular caught the attention and the creativity of the Beyhive, with Beyoncé photographed pointing at a menu while speaking to a member of the wait staff. Thankfully, the internet delivered.

Here are some of our favourite memes of Restaurant Bey.


When Beyoncé reminded the waitress about her last album.

The Peabody Winning album.

When Beyoncé was suspect of an extra patron on her tab.

When Beyoncé reminded the waitress that her daughter has more money than a small country.

When Beyoncé was ordering for three.

When Beyoncé dropped some common sense slayage.

When Beyoncé wasn’t hungry, but the twins were ravenous.

When Beyoncé didn’t have time for ghostwriters.