Your Wish List Is Here: Beyoncé Selling Holiday Merch!


Ho-ho-hold up! Just when we finished buying all our holiday presents during Black Friday and Cyber Monday (and maybe one or five things for ourselves), Beyoncé has added new merch and completely rewritten our wish lists.

The singer has added new holiday-themed merch to her official website, giving members of the Beyhive yet another reason to throw all their money at Beyoncé. Just take it, Bey, take it all.

We already knew that Beyoncé liked Christmas.


Actually, she loves Christmas.


Really, all the winter holidays.


The woman looks great in red.


She may not be ready to record a follow-up to Destiny’s Childs’ Eight Days of Christmas, but Beyoncé is ready to get in the holiday spirit with some new merch. Beyoncé fans who want to slay, sorry, sleigh all day, can now do so with $60 red and green hoodies.


There’s matching red sweatpants for $60, because it’s cold, y’all!


Love a good crop top? Put the other elves on notice of your plans to ‘sleigh’ with this lemonade and stocking tee for $40.


Of course, Beyoncé holiday gifts can be wrapped in just any old paper. May we suggest blue and yellow wrapping paper for $16?