Beyoncé, Taylor Swift And More Awesome CMA Awards Moments


The 2016 Country Music Association Awards went down in Nashville last night and celebrated their 50th anniversary of honouring the best and brightest in country music.

Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood took on hosting duties for an incredible ninth year in a row, because if it ain’t broke in country music, you don’t fix it. Even with the two entertainers, a predictable hosting announcement, the show still had more than a few surprising moments.

“Daddy Lessons”

When the Dixie Chicks flawlessly covered Beyoncé’s “Daddy Lessons” this summer on tour, we didn’t dare dream of a duet. But, the Chicks are from Texas. Beyoncé is from Texas. Could it happen? It could and it did when Queen Bey stepped out alongside the country trio to make our dreams come true. It was a lot of slaying on one stage and the CMAs may never be the same again. Say it with us now: “Texas.”

The Return of Taylor Swift

It’s been a minute since Taylor Swift dropped her full-fledged pop crossover album 1989 and seemed to disappear from her seemingly permanent spot in the front row of the CMA Awards. Still, this fall when the award show put together a 50th anniversary music video featuring some of country’s biggest artists of all time, Swift’s absence was notable. Even with her success in the pop world, Swift’s impact on country music can’t be understated. As recent as this week, Swift has contributed yet another song to the country world, penning Little Big Town’s new single, “Better Man.” That’s why we were especially excited to see Swift return to the CMA Awards last night to present Garth Brooks with the Entertainer of the Year Award—an award Swift has won twice and been nominated for four times.


Dolly Parton’s Lifetime Achievement Award

We’re not at all shocked that Dolly Parton won the Lifetime Achievement Award during last night’s CMAs. What we are shocked about is that Parton a) hadn’t already won it and b) was the first woman to do so. The award admittedly has only been around since 2012, but how was Dolly Parton not at least the second winner?


The Fab Five Resurface

Award shows love to throw in a few people from outside the industry to present and we were happy the CMA Awards included the US Olympic Gymnastics team. The fab five rocked the red carpet and totally stuck their on-stage introduction.


Hollywood at the CMAs

We’re not totally sure why actors Jennifer Garner and Matthew McConaughey were presenting at last night’s CMA Awards, but we’re always happy to see these two. Especially since McConaughey delivered his trademark Dazed and Confused line, “Alight, alright, alright,” before introducing Tim McGraw’s performance. We get older, but these country music stars stay the same age.