Bianca Harris’ WIPP Aims To Inspire Women Everywhere


As a female in the creative industry, Bianca Harris has met her fair share of obstacles. But with her new endeavor, Women Inspiring Passion and Purpose, she’s looking to empower women—especially those in the creative field—who are just like her.

The Much Digital Studios Creator is hosting her second Women Inspiring Passion and Purpose event this Sunday. Taking place at Hangloose Media in Toronto, Harris has rounded up an all-star lineup of female speakers who are all making waves in different creative industries. Led by our very own Chloe Wilde, the upcoming event will host The Young and the Restless actor Mishael Morgan, French Montana’s manager Iluv Lola, celebrity nail artist Rita Remark, personal trainer Lyzabeth Lopez and Fashion magazine’s executive editor Randi Bergman.

Women Inspiring Passion and Purpose, or WIPP, was born out Harris’ own experiences. After quitting her retail gig to pursue YouTube and a career in makeup artistry, a lot of her former co-workers would ask her for advice.

“They’d ask ‘How did you just quit your job and do what you’re doing now?’,” the 29-year-old said. “And I’d say, ‘What you’re saying is what I did—I quit my job and I started hustling.'”

WIPP exists to empower women and give them the confidence to become their own bosses and succeed in their fields, Harris said. It’s all about women learning from other women.

“I think it’s important—not even important to—I think we are responsible to support each other because no one else is going to do it for us, ” she said. “I think it stemmed from [WIPP] being a cool idea to me now wanting to empower other people to create an environment where we can ask for more money, go for those jobs and inspire each other.”

Citing Rihanna, life coach Iyanla Vanzant, journalist Rawiya Kameir and her fellow Creator Mila Victoria as a few of her role models, to Harris, being a girlboss means taking charge and being an effective leader. “It’s an attitude thing, you have to know how to be kind, confident and just shoot for your goals,” she said.

After the first event, Harris said she received overwhelmingly positive responses.

“I got amazing feedback from so many different people in different stages in their career. I know for a fact that people got jobs at the first event. They networked with people they would have never met if not for WIPP.”

And for herself personally, the first WIPP panel gave her the confidence to host the event all over again. If there’s one thing she wants attendees to learn from the event, it’s to take away a specific tool or strategy that’s applicable to their own lives and careers.

“I want people to take actually something real away from this event. I don’t want to be like any other event you go to where you get a cool gift bag and you’re out the door. I really want to make a difference,” she said.

In the future, Harris said in addition to an annual panel event, she’d like to introduce workshops into her repertoire. With smaller groups of women, she can see herself hosting workshops and tutorials on subjects of writing, makeup and more.  Beyond that? She wants WIPP to take the world by storm.

“It’s crazy to say, but I would like to get it global and have this be a huge movement that we can take to different cities and inspire people everywhere with.”

WIPP Toronto takes place on Sunday, July 25 at Hangloose Media. Keep up with WIPP on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram