Lena Dunham Directs Bleachers ‘Don’t Take The Money’ Video

On April 3, Bleachers frontman Jack Antonoff celebrated his five year anniversary with actor and writer Lena Dunham by releasing his single “Don’t Take The Money.” Calling the title his personal mantra, Antonoff posted a lengthy Instagram discussion of the song, revealing that his relationship with Dunham and her unconditional support inspired the track’s lyrics.

The upbeat retro single features vocals from iHeartRadio MMVA performer Lorde, who Antonoff collaborated with on her upcoming second studio album Melodrama. Now, Antonoff has dropped the music video for “Don’t Take The Money” and while we’re disappointed the visuals are Lorde-free, we’re definitely feeling his bedazzled captain’s uniform.

Actor Alia Shawkat opens the video with Antonoff, playing his friend and voice of reason, hoping to sway the singer from marrying a woman who he can’t communicate with. Antonoff is adamant that the wedding go forward, with Shawkat pulling double duty as the wedding officiant and giving the frontman’s home state of New Jersey a shout out by using a New Jersey phone book as her bible.

Eventually, the wedding is stopped by the bride’s ex, who appears from behind the bushes and proceeds to beat up Antonoff, leaving him bruised and bloodied in a pool as the two run away together.

Just weeks after airing the series finale of her show Girls, Dunham was behind the camera again to direct the new Bleachers video (check out the best musical moments from Girls here). Taking a lighter approach for the visuals, Dunham uses bright colours and dialogue interludes to break up the kitchy video, which feels a far cry away from HBO.

“Don’t Take The Money” comes off as more of a high quality school project than a big budget music video, ignoring the deeper meaning of the track and instead focusing on a tongue-in-cheek approach to marriage and the idea of soul mates. Still, we can’t get it’s catchy chorus out of our heads.

Bleachers second studio album Gone Now arrives June 2 and features the singles “Don’t Take The Money” and “Hate That You Know Me” with Carly Rae Jepsen.