Bleachers Pays Homage To ‘When Harry Met Sally’ In ‘Alfie’s Song’ Music Video

The Love, Simon soundtrack contains no shortage of understated but unbelievably catchy bangers, and fortunately those tunes are now starting to get their own equally memorable music videos.

Bleachers’ Jack Antonoff, who produced and lent five tracks to the Love, Simon soundtrack, released a music video for “Alfie’s Song (Not So Typical Love Song)” earlier this week. In “Alfie’s Song,” the album’s bouncy leading track, Antonoff reminisces about the seemingly perfect beginnings of a former relationship.

Things don’t go quite as perfectly in the “Alfie’s Song” music video, in which Antonoff plays an earnest, love-struck leading man obviously inspired by Billy Crystal’s Harry from ‘80s rom-com classic When Harry Met Sally… (Antonoff confirmed as much on Twitter). His leading lady who, according to the video’s credits, goes by the name Jamie Lee Gibson, dons a Meg Ryan-esque turquoise dress and era-appropriate feathered bangs.

Midway through the video, director Isaac Rentz (who’s worked with the likes of Katy Perry, Nick Jonas, and 5 Seconds of Summer) reveals that Antonoff is the star of his own romantic comedy and that his quest to find and proclaim his love to Jamie is being filmed. Talk about meta. Antonoff’s attempts to finish the romantic scene are repeatedly foiled by distracted extras, his own clumsiness, and an intrusive boom operator (aka “Alfie’s Song” unsung hero). It takes Antonoff so long to deliver a satisfactory performance, in fact, that Jamie starts eating prop cake and the ‘E’ from the conveniently placed Love, Simon marquee falls onto an unsuspecting Antonoff’s head.

But several takes later, Jamie realizes that she doesn’t have to wait around for a guy to profess his love—she can make the first move and come to him. She runs outside, spots a defeated Antonoff sitting on a bench, and makes their long day of ‘filming’ worthwhile by giving him a rom-com worthy kiss. The boom operator, of course, dutifully records the entire ordeal.

Bleachers released an official “Alfie’s Song” lyric video back in January and performed “Alfie’s Song” on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in early March. With any luck, Antonoff will eventually release music videos for his remaining Love, Simon tracks (including “Never Fall in Love”, which he wrote and recorded with Danish singer-songwriter MØ) or at least convince Troye Sivan to put out some sort of video for “Strawberries & Cigarettes.”