Blue Jays #ComeTogether to ‘Shake Off’ Taylor Swift MLB Curse

Jose Bautista | Taylor Swift

In dramatic fashion the Toronto Blue Jays defeated the Texas Rangers in Toronto last night, advancing them to the next round of the MLB Playoffs. The baseball gods seemed to be shunning the Jays after Toronto catcher, Russell Martin, on a routine throw to the pitcher, ricocheted the ball off a Rangers’ bat, allowing a player at third to score.

Jays’ manager, John Gibbons, was so furious with the ump’s call to allow the run, you might even say they have Bad Blood. We can say that now, right? Now that the “curse” is broken?

If you’re a Taylor Swift fan you’ve probably read the headlines implying the pop-star is responsible for a series of MLB teams losing after her 1989 World Tour hit their team’s stadium, but after last night’s Blue Jays win in Toronto, it seems the curse could be broken.

In three months the pop-star has managed to convince Major League Baseball fans that she’s capable of much more than selling hit records, befriending Victoria’s Secret Models, and incepting the world with her lyrics—yep, MLB fans believe she’s also capable of jinxing every single baseball team that hosts her.

Superstitious much? Not entirely. Take a look at the facts: the Washington Nationals, the Houston Astros, and the San Diego Padres all faced major losses after the 1989 tour paid a visit to their stadiums.

By the time news of the Taylor Swift Curse hit Toronto, Blue Jays fans were losing sleep over the pop-star performing back-to-back shows at the Rogers Centre Stadium just days before the team entered the playoffs. But as we’ve learned, there’s no stopping the Bad Blood singer. Following her sold-out performances, the Jays went down 0-2 against the Texas Rangers in the first round of playoffs, but turned things around in Texas, tying the series 2-2.

Nerves were still at an all-time high when the Jays returned home for the final game, but thanks to a handful of errors made by the Rangers in the 7th inning, and Jose Bautista’s game-changing home run, the Jays took home the win and advanced to the next round.

It’s hard to say if the “curse” is real or just superstition, but Jays fans can rest easy knowing the Taylor Swift Curse—in Canada—is likely broken.

Go Jays Go!