Watch Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon Play A (Slightly Creepy) Private Concert


You may have come across La Blogothèque’s Take Away video series, a project in which musicians perform their songs outside, often in odd or visually interesting locations. Name an indie band or musician—Mac DeMarco, alt-J, Mumford & Sons—and they probably have their own Take Away video.

Including folk band Bon Iver, whose lead singer Justin Vernon participated in the first episode of La Blogothèque’s ‘One2One,’ a brand new video series in which artists sit down with and essentially perform a private concert for a single fan. Vernon, who has been Bon Iver’s frontman for over ten years, performed an acoustic rendition of 22, A Million’s “8 (Circle)” in between shows at last year’s Michelberger Music event in Berlin. And the stripped down version of the song actually sounds pretty good, despite the absence of Bon Iver’s signature synthesizers.

In the video, Vernon introduces himself simply as “Justin” to the confused but mesmerized woman sitting across from him. The woman is clearly a fan of Vernon’s, as she intently listens and watches his performance despite the strangeness of the situation.

But while we’re sure being serenaded by Justin Vernon was an enjoyable experience, we don’t think she was into the whole ‘being blindfolded and led into a mysterious room by stranger’ part of the deal. We also don’t know why she had a metal pot sitting on her head at the beginning of the video.

La Blogothèque apparently filmed several One2One videos during the Michelberger Music event, which means we can probably look forward to private performances from The National’s Aaron and Bryan Dessner, among others. La Blogothèque has also built relationships with several major artists over the years due to the success of their Take Aways, so the list of who they could book for future One2One videos is endless. Let’s just hope that the next video is a little more Inside Llewyn Davis and a little less Taken 2.