Bow Down To Birthday Babe Julia Louis-Dreyfus


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Sure, sure. There are a some really incredible new female comedians who are making a splash; Broad City‘s Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham. But, they would all admit that they look up to our unrivalled comedy queen, Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Julia was making us crack-up on television way before Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. They are the princesses.

And today, JL-D is celebrating her birthday. She deserves so much more than we can give her from in front of this humble laptop. But we would like to try. Here are six reasons why Julia Louis-Dreyfus is in a league of her own.

1. She was the best part of Seinfeld:


Real. Talk. Elaine was the best character on Seinfeld. Sure there are people who will stand up for all of the other characters but they are just fooling themselves. Elaine really was a capital “F” Feminist. She was a business power-house. She owned her sexuality. She was a good friend. Plus, she was whip smart. In a show all about neurotic men, she could hold her neurosis up as being as bad as the boys’. Okay made not as bad as George’s. Or Kramer’s. Or Jerry’s. We wake up every day thinking, “What Would Elaine Do?” We are just going to say it. Her dance moves are actually kind of cool. Hot take.


2. She comes from a very rich family but it ain’t no thang:


Julia Louis-Dreyfus has a very fancy pedigree. Her mother Judith was a writer and special needs tutor. But her father, William Louis-Dreyfus chaired Louis Dreyfus Energy Services. In 2006, his estimated net worth was $3.4 billion. Day-um. In short, they be rich. One of her cousins even used to be the CEO of Adidas. Sure, some of you may have know that she came from a wealthy family before now but our guess is that a lot of you didn’t. You know why? It ain’t no thang. Julia just comes off as so normal, so down to earth. Her family is very charitable. There was even a documentary about her father selling off his private art collection to raise money for the charity Harlem Children’s Zone. So they seem real cool.

3. Julia and her husband Brad Hall are the the definition of solid:


She and her husband met at Northwestern University and they both ended up on Saturday Night Live from 1982-1984. They got married in 1987 meaning they have been married for almost 28 years. Which, if you have been paying attention, is a long time for a marriage in Hollywood. They have worked on creative projects together including a short film called Picture Paris. Once when Brad was asked if he has any advice for people he said, “Yeah, Marry Julia Louis-Dreyfus.” Adorable! Also, their sons Harry and Charles are quite cute if we may say so. Aren’t they?

4. She is an environmentalist:


Julia is very concious about the environment. She and Brad own an electric car and have a highly energy friendly home outfitted with dozens of energy-efficient additions. The house was profiled in the New York Times. Over the past twenty years she has been actively involved with nearly a dozen environmental organizations, including Heal the Bay, Natural Resources Defence Council, and Trust for Public Land. She is also part of the Environmental Media Association that tries to get Hollywood studios to be more environmentally friendly. This makes her so much more awesome than your average actress. 10 points for Dreyfus!

5. She posed topless at age 53:


This point is made only to illustrate that she has only gotten more and more beautiful with time. She really has not aged. Sure, we may occasionally want Elaine’s giant head of curls back, but her straight hair is quite sleek and sophisticated. This particular unclothed photoshoot was for Rolling Stone and it made all of our jaws drop. She is a real stunner. Julia is also very dependable on the red carpet and has classy taste in gowns. Now that Veep (stand-by) has become a staple on the award show nominee list, she has had more and more opportunity to show off. We like what we see!

6. Veep is the funniest show on TV right now:


It really is. The HBO show chronicles the every day frustrations of being the relatively powerless Vice President. Her team swings from totally brilliant to totally incompitent. Julia plays Selina Meyer the Vice President of the United States. She can tell someone off and then put on a perfect smile like no one else. We reallly can’t express how good this show is. Lets just say that one of the best moments from last year is when Selina runs in to a glass door. Oh look! It is on YouTube.

Veep Season 4 premieres on HBO on April 12, 2015.

Happy Birthday Julia!