Here’s Your Guide To Watching The Brit Awards Like A True Brit


The Brit Awards are happening next week (hooray!). The awards are almost like the Grammys 2.0, but instead, they honour British musical talent rather than American. The performers for this year’s awards are stellar too: Adele, Little Mix, Coldplay, James Bay, Rihanna, and more.

Since the Feb. 24 is quickly approaching, it’s time to get prepared for the event. Much has got you covered—here’s your guide to watching The Brit Awards, British style:

Snacks and Drinks

giphy (1)

When watching a long award show, especially when you’re with friends, you need to be prepared with an arsenal of food and drinks. Since The Brit Awards are, well, British, you may want to re-think ordering that typical pepperoni pizza.

From biscuits made with crunch oats and smooth chocolate to “crisps” that taste like pickled onions, Britain has a vast selection of unique snack foods. We’ve found some yummy treats that you might want to munch on during the show:

[HobNobs, $5][Lion Bar, $3.50][Twiglets, $3.12/individual, $37.41/case of 12][Monster Munch, $1/individual, $6/case of 6][Parma Violets, $3/individual, $15/50 rolls][Nik Naks, £5.94]

In terms of drinks, snuggle up with a warm mug of tea. The British are known for drinking tea, and there are a lot more tasty flavours available than just you’re average earl grey. From chocolate flavoured to lemonade tea, there are all kinds of variations of traditional tea. We’ve found some teas that are sure to taste tea-licious:

[Pink Lemonade Tea, starting at $8][Poached Pear Tea, starting at $8][Dark Chocolate Delight Tea, starting at $9][Honeybush Vanilla Herbal Tea, starting at $7][Lavender Dreams White Tea, starting at $15][Organic Rockin’ Berry White Tea, starting at $8]

Decor And Accessories


Get in the spirit for The Brit Awards by sprucing up your living room (and yourself!) with some British-themed decor and accessories. It’s not a party without the decorations, right? From blankets, to pillows, to banners, to scrunchies, get decked out with the Union Jack!

[Union Jack Throw Pillow, $22.52][Mini Union Jack Bunting, $22.24][Union Jack Quilt, $91.55][Beatles Mug, $9] [Union Jack Slippers, £10.99][Union Jack Scrunchie, $7]


giphy (4)

While watching The Brit Awards, you need to have the sharp style of a Brit. Whether you’re having a viewing party or a quiet night at home, we want to inspire you with some killer outfits that we’ve put together:

[Union Jack Skinny Jeans, $179][90s Racer Vest, £8][Pumps, $100][Floral Earrings, $16]

[Galaxy Union Jack Shirt, $35][Union Jack Iron-On Patch, $4][Slim Low Jeans, $35][Baseball Cap, $10]

Let’s also not forget the super comfy Brit inspired onesie look too:

[Onesie, £24]

Party Playlist

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Music is always a must, especially since The Brit Awards are a musical-based ceremony! We made a playlist for you and your friends with some of this year’s nominees and some other butt-kicking British artists to get you through the night and pump you up. There’s some Little Mix in there, some Sam Smith, some Adele, and more. But we’ll let you check it out for yourself:

Don’t forget to invite your best friends to chill with you, and also watch The Brits, British style and catch the Brit Awards airing on MUCH on February 24 at 8 p.m!