Britney Spears Drops ‘Mood Ring’ And Possible Justin Timberlake Collab?


When Britney Spears dropped her ninth studio album Glory this past August, most fans missed out on the DJ Mustard-produced track “Mood Ring.” The sultry R&B track was only included on the Japanese edition of Glory, but thanks to the power of the internet, we now get to hear one of Spears’ best songs in years. Consider our mood rings turning whatever colour represents ‘we like this song.’

The new track helps get rid of the bad taste in our mouths left by Spears’ less-than stellar recent performance at the MTV VMAs, where her lip syncing was quite up to A-list status.

The track is reminiscent of DJ Mustard’s Anti track “Needed Me” with Rihanna, with “Mood Ring” pushing Spears both lyrically and vocally.

As if a new Spears song wasn’t exciting enough, now the rumor mill is officially churning over the possibility of a Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake duet. The former couple/Mickey Mouse stars have expressed interest in working together professionally and we would be so down to hear that.

Spears made headlines this week when she said she would love to work with Timberlake, a story that was news to Timberlake on the red carpet at TIFF. Justin said he would be up for working with Spears (because what else is he going to say on camera), but could this actually be a thing that happens?

If Spears and Timberlake do finally hit the recording studio together after all these years, we have big expectations for their music video wardrobe.