Britney Spears Takes On Tom’s Diner And Eight More 80s Covers We Love

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For months now we’ve been hearing about Britney Spears and dance guru Giorgio Moroder releasing their cover of Suzanne Vega’s Tom’s Diner and now the time has come for the new single to get the lyric video treatment!

We’re excited anytime Ms. Spears releases new music, even it just ‘new’ for her. Here’s hoping there’s a full-scale music video not too far behind.

Of course, Britney and Giorgio aren’t the first musicians to take on an 1980s classic. Here are eight more covers inspiring us to throw on some acid wash jeans and watch The Breakfast Club.

Tom’s Diner, Britney Spears
Original Artist: Suzanne Vega
Release Date: 1987
Cover Improvements: Britney Spears and her Tom’s Diner collaborator Giorgio Moroder don’t make any drastic changes to the classic 1980s tune, but that’s because it’s so wonderfully weird on its own.

It’s My Life, No Doubt
Original Artist: Talk Talk
Release Date: 1984
Cover Improvements: No Doubt took one of their favourite 1980s tracks and captured the desperation and emotion of the original version. Plus, David LaChapelle’s fashionably dark music video is still one of our faves from the Orange County foursome.

Everybody Wants To Rule The World, Lorde
Original Artist: Tears For Fears
Release Date: 1985
Cover Improvements: Lorde took the somewhat lighthearted 1985 hit by Tears For Fears and gave it a dark and dramatic overhaul for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Everybody wants to rule the world, and in Lorde’s version, they’ll stop at nothing to do it.

Lucky Star, Birdy
Original Artist: Madonna
Release Date: 1983
Cover Improvements: Much like Lorde’s Tears for Fears interpretation, Birdy takes Madonna’s danceable 1983 hit and turns down the sunny while turning up the morose. Just when we thought we couldn’t love Madonna anymore, Birdy shows us what a poet the material girl has always been.

Bette Davis Eyes, Kylie Minogue
Original Artist: Kim Carnes
Release Date: 1981
Cover Improvements: We used to only be able to dance to Kim Carne’s hit Bette David Eyes in our living room, by Minogue makes it club-ready with her cover.

How Will I Know, Sam Smith
Original Artist: Whitney Houston
Release Date: 1985
Cover Improvements: Thanks to Sam Smith, I Will Always Love You is no longer the only Whitney Houston song you can ugly-cry along with.

Purple Rain, Kelly Clarkson
Original Artist: Prince
Release Date: 1984
Cover Improvements: We wouldn’t dare say anyone is improving on Prince, but we will say that Clarkson is one of the few singers who can hold their own next to the Artist.

Atlantic City, Ed Sheeran
Original Artist: Bruce Springsteen
Release Date: 1982
Cover Improvements: Ed Sheeran simplifies one of the Boss’ most simply beautiful songs and lets the powerful lyrics shine through with only his guitar backing the cover.

Let’s Groove Tonight, Olly Murs
Original Artist: Earth, Wind & Fire
Release Date: 1981
Cover Improvements: That song you hear at every wedding reception is just as cheesy with Murs at the mic, but hey, we still love it.