How To Have A Sexy ‘Slumber Party’ According To Britney Spears And Tinashe


Britney Spears has made a career out of dropping some of the sexiest music videos of the past two decades. She’s made the circus sexy, the classroom sexy, airplanes sexy, other planets sexy, even the bathroom at a club sexy. So, how does Spears outdo her own work? Add Tinashe.

So, that’s exactly what the singer has done for the remix of her Glory track “Slumber Party” and her latest music video, which dropped at midnight. Director Colin Tilley created his own version of the Playboy mansion for “Slumber Party,” complete with a crowd of beautiful women in lingerie, muscular men with no shirts, and for some reason, a weird scene showing Spears licking milk off a table. We could have done without that ‘sexy’ shot.

Spears and Tinashe’s slumber party looks a little different from the sleepovers we grew up with. Namely, fewer furry onesizes, snacks, movies, and Facebook-stalking than we’re used to at our slumber parties. So, what tips do the women have for throwing the ultimate over-nighter?

Slip into a comfortable outfit.


Shoes are optional.


Check each other for chicken pox at the door so everyone at the party doesn’t get sick.


Practice your dance routine for da club.


Have a staring competition.


Measure who’s taller.


Start to get sleepy.


Dance some more to keep yourself awake.


And finally pick a spot on the couch.


“Slumber Party” is the official second single from Spears’ ninth studio album Glory, following her lead single “Make Me” with G-Eazy. Check it out below.