Broad City: Did Abbi And Ilana Ditch New York To Move To Florida?



New York is as central to Broad City as it is to dozens of white, straight Woody Allen movies, so it’s a little jarring to see Abbi and Ilana surrounded by sunshine and pool water instead of skyscrapers, sewer grates and enraged bicyclists in this week’s “Florida.” The broads initially consider trading in their gritty city life for one that’s more laid back and exponentially warmer. But they eventually realize that dealing with the brutality of New York is a walk in the park compared to confronting the harshest, scariest, most disturbing force of all—Trump supporters.



Ilana, Elliot, and Bobbi (Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Susie Essman) take a trip down to Darlington Lakes, Florida to clean out Ilana’s deceased grandmother’s apartment. And because Bobbi thinks of Abbi as one of her “three beautiful children,” she invites her to come along despite the fact that Abbi’s Facebook profile picture is apparently terrible. The sweltering Florida heat immediately causes Abbi and Ilana’s hair to frizz up, but their spirits are lifted when they reunite with Ilana’s Aunt Bev (The Nanny’s Fran Drescher, who also admits that Abbi’s profile pic is less than stellar). Under the pretence of checking out Bev’s manicure (her go-to shade? “Second Wife”), Bobbi confirms her fear that Bev’s been—gasp—cleaning out the apartment without her.

While Bobbi and Bev argue over who should get what, Ilana, Abbi, and Elliot visit the nearby pool. Elliot leaves after approximately two minutes (the airline lost his luggage, forcing him to put on Grandma Esther’s old bathing suit) but Abbi and Ilana remain. They run into Darlington Lakes resident Ethel, who assumes that Ilana is the community’s on-site mortician but eventually realizes that she’s Esther’s granddaughter.

Apparently Esther was known and loved by everyone in Darlington Lakes, which works in Ilana and Abbi’s favour when they attend an open house and decide to rent an insanely cheap house on the spot (they’re convinced when the real estate agent tells them the house is $425 per month, not per day). Usually community residents have to be 55 or older, but because Ilana is a “Darlington Lakes legacy,” the agent makes an exception. But there’s a catch—another (age appropriate) couple is also interested in renting the home, so the Darlington Lakes residents have to vote on who they ultimately think should move in.

Not a problem. Abbi and Ilana do everything in their power to cozy up to their future neighbours, including becoming Darlington Lakes’ unofficial tennis court cheerleaders and opening a gun polishing stand. Ilana even starts wearing a visor.



Then things start to gown downhill. Abbi and Ilana should have known when they saw the “Make America Great Again” skywriting. Or when they saw a passerby holding a gun as casually as one would hold a knockoff Coach bag. But they don’t come to terms with the true horror of Florida until the residents agree to let them move in for very racist, unrepeatable reasons.

So they decide to make a run for it and, during an intense stress-smoking session, finally realize that the only “non-white” people who live in Darlington Lakes are nurses, gardeners, and drivers. In other words, Broad City and Get Out exist in the same universe.

They can’t leave Florida just yet, since Bev and Bobbi are still arguing about who should get Esther’s old engagement ring. And the negotiations get pretty contentious—Bev even pulls out the big guns and threatens to uninvite Bobbi from their annual Sandals vacation. But Bobbi eventually caves in and lets her younger sister have the ring after she, Bev, and the “kids” smoke and talk about their feelings around a table, That ‘70s Show style.

Bobbi and Bev’s heart-to-heart is life-affirming and makes us believe that sisters can be best friends, after all, but the most important thing to come out of this scene is Ilana’s discovery that Lincoln changed his Facebook status to “single.” Woah. Ilana knows this is her chance to get Lincoln back. So after she and Abbi drive back to New York (in Esther’s bitchin’ Cadillac, of course), Ilana stuffs herself into a suitcase (we’re not sure how or why) and patiently waits on Lincoln’s doorstep.

Fortunately Lincoln is fluent in all things Ilana and finds the gesture endearing. He invites Ilana into his apartment—but what does this mean? Will they get back together? Will they hook up? Or will Lincoln break Ilana’s hopeful, Florida sunshine-warmed heart and insist that they remain friends? Broad City, we’re begging you: bring New York’s premiere non-committal power couple back together.

All in all, “Florida” is a great reminder that while it’s fun to complain about your own city, you’ll find a thousand times more to complain about when it comes to every other city (especially when those cities are full of gun-toting, butterscotch-loving white supremacists). The episode also taught us that Abbi, Ilana, and Elliot can pull off the Florida septuagenarian-chic look, although Abbi and Ilana looked less like retirement home occupants and more like Robin Sparkles’ backup dancers. And speaking of Elliot, he totally killed it in this episode. We need more scenes of him and Bobbi yelling at each other, stat.



“God I needed to be slapped in the face with this Vitamin D. I can feel my mustache lightening.” – Bobbi Wexler

“It’s like our lives are Richard Pryor’s dick and New York is the cocaine.” – Ilana, about willingly living in New York

“I don’t want to rise and grind anymore. I want to rise and then, like, lay right back down.” – Abbi, about moving to Florida

“Bitches are horny for butterscotch.” – Ilana, about the Darlington Lake residents


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