Watch ‘Broad City’s Abbi And Ilana Surprise Superfans

Broad City

Broad City may be coming to an end, but fans will always be fronds to the ond with creators and stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer. The pair have been celebrating the final season by releasing additional content, including behind the scenes tours of the set. Now Jacobson and Glazer are switching things up and surprising super fans by hiding in plain sight wearing wearing wigs. Not phone wigs, but actual wigs.

Glazer and Jacobson dressed up as male crew members to ‘help’ on set while Broad City fans were interviewed and asked about why they love the show. The answers were pretty heart warming, with fans talking about wanting to be bold like Ilana and watching the show on FaceTime with their long distance besties.

While some of the fans recognized the famous friends quickly, others took a few more moments with ‘Derek and Kevin’ before realizing that they were face to face with the women who have been making them lol for five years.

There was the full-on shock.

The ‘I know those mustaches’ shock.

The ‘stoooooop’ shock.

The ‘what is happening’ shock.

And the giggle shock. We love them all.

Check out the full set up and surprise below and catch up on Broad City anytime at The final season of Broad City airs Thursdays at 10E/7P on Much.