‘Broad City’ Kweens Abbi Jacobson And Ilana Glazer Give Us The Deets On Season 4

Wed, July, 26 by Bill Harris

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer obviously know how to be funny, often outrageously so, as viewers of their New York-set TV show Broad City already realize.

But notably, at the Television Critics Association event at the Beverly Hilton hotel, Jacobson and Glazer showed their more serious sides when they were asked questions about everything from the current state of American politics to the casual drug use that is depicted by their characters and their pals in the show.

There is one episode in the new season where the name “Trump” – referring to U.S. President Donald Trump – is considered to be profane, and thus is bleeped whenever it is uttered.

“We just got to a point where in real life we’re talking about the current administration,” Glazer said. “We’re talking about Trump, and it sounds so gross, like, every day saying it so many times. And we just didn’t want to share airtime. He’s got enough, and I also don’t even want to hear the word.

“It’s a different kind of joke. Not like an audio joke, you know?”

Kind of the opposite of an audio joke. An anti-audio joke?

As for the casual drug use on the show, Jacobson said bluntly, “I think obviously that just stemmed from Ilana and I smoking pot, and everyone we know smoking pot, and it not feeling like such a big deal.”

“And also, like, experimenting with drugs in general, just the way the characters and people in the world experiment with pleasure-centred activities,” Glazer said.

Jacobson added, “Yeah, so we’re just sort of, in that sense, just trying to represent what we know from our own lives.”

Marijuana, of course, is on the road to being legalized in Canada next year.

“The first season, it was like, ‘Wow! These girls are stoners! Can you believe these girls smoke pot?’ ” Glazer recalled. “There’s some agency in women doing drugs and doing drugs themselves and not just taking drugs that their boyfriends give them … you don’t see that being like a feminist move, but apparently it is one.

“It’s not really the conversation any more, like women smoking pot. It’s more in the culture now in Season 4.”

The stars of Broad City also feel that the drug experimentation on the show largely is presented responsibly in the context of what it is, keeping in mind that this is a comedy series we’re talking about, and crazy things are supposed to happen.

“You know what it is? These girls get each other drinks, and they do their drugs together,” Glazer said. “They’re not, like, going out and getting in dangerous situations.”

“We have a wing person,” Jacobson said.

“Yeah, they have a support system within the experimentation,” Glazer said.

“Always,” Jacobson said.

Season 4 kicks off with an innovative flashback episode. We go back to 2011 and see rival timelines, documenting the day that Abbi and Ilana met.

We get two different versions of it. Which is the right one?

Also in the new season, Abbi and Ilana get new jobs, they celebrate their “friendiversary,” they trip on mushrooms, and they discover their witchdom. Part of the season is set in the dead of winter in New York City, so Abbi and Ilana logically find time to travel to Florida – just like all true New Yorkers.

Broad City Season 4 premieres September 13 at 10:30 p.m. ET. right here on Much. Check out the trailer below, and obviously ignore the August 23 release date, which OBVIOUSLY has changed: