Celebrate 4/20 With The ‘Broad City: High Score’ Mobile Game

Not only is Broad City about female friendship, being a kween, and navigating through the struggles of life in your 20s, it’s also at times a zany love letter to marijuana.

Besides each other, Oprah, and Bed Bath And Beyond coupons, Abbi and Ilana love weed more than anything else and in celebration of 4/20, Comedy Central has announced the launch of their stoner-themed Broad City mobile game. YAAAS!

Broad City: High Score is the first and only game that rates how HIGH you are… No, we’re not blowing smoke—we actually couldn’t be more blunt! Check it out below.

So how does it work?

Players of Broad City: High Score will rip through rounds of hilarious mini-games as they navigate through New York City to get higher… scores, social status, and amounts of lolz. The mini-games will vary in speed and difficulty each time they are played. A session lasts until a player has failed to complete three mini-games during the time allowed. But don’t worry—Abbi, Ilana, Jaime, Bevers, Lincoln, Trey, and even Bingo Bronson are all there to help you along the way.

The collection of mini-games include Smoke Rings, where players must tap and release at the right time to help Abbi take a toke; Bronson Smash, in which players must tap quickly to destroy a grocery display with Bingo Bronson; Fix the Hoodie, where players must colour in Ilana’s stomach to match her crop top to make it work-appropriate; and many more.

And if all that doesn’t make you want to play Broad City: High Score, here are 420 reasons to from its creators:

  1. Dope art and sounds
  2. NYC
  3. Flashy and fun Mini-games
  4. Abbi
  5. Ilana
  6. Dog weddings
  7. Jaime
  8. Bingo Bronson
  9. Pizza …
  10. More Abbi!
  11. More Ilana!
  12. And Lincoln!

Broad City: High Score is free to play and is available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

Hopefully the new app means we can hang out with our favourite TV besties a little while longer—earlier this month, it was announced that Broad City’s upcoming fifth season will be the show’s last. Glazer and Jacobson have also announced they will be working on producing three new shows for Comedy Central, but we still can’t help but be sad that our goodbye to Broad City is imminent. At least we have High Score to play in the meantime.