Broad City Gets Our Vote With Hilarious Hillary Clinton Episode

Broad City Hillary

This season of Broad City has been killing the guest cameo game, with appearances from Whoopi Goldberg and Vanessa Williams and promises of Tony Danza and Blake Griffin. But let’s be real – it doesn’t get much bigger than Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Thanks to the A-list pull of Broad City Executive Producer Amy Poehler, the comedy duo of Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer were able to live out their fantasies of meeting the former first lady and the possible future POTUS.


The huge presidential episode went down tonight and delivered on all the yassing we could have asked for. Abbi and Ilana start their day by coming up with million dollar ideas like the bosses they are, including a gif basket for your phone, a gynecologist that is also a bikini waxer, and boots with magnets on the bottom to pick up change. I’d invest in all three.

Abbi is determined to break her streak of horrifying professional photos and heads to the hairdresser to get “Bachelor contestant, but one that quits because she’s too good for the show” hair for her DMV photo. She quickly learns why you always present your haircut coupon at the end of the appointment and has her neck yanked out of joint by a disgruntled stylist.

The DMV looks like the movie Contagion where everyone is waiting for their turn to get vaccinated and as a result of Abbi’s neck being out of alignment, her new photo features her vomiting from pain. Meanwhile, recently unemployed Ilana is tap dancing for money on the subway until she’s outed by her brother and shamed into getting a *shudder* real job. She revisits the temp agency manned by Rachel Dratch, who runs the company out of her bedroom while she is much, much more than two months pregnant. Ilana scores a sweet gig as a bike messenger, making her a BM queen. She means it both ways. Sing it now, “I shit, I shiiiiit”.

Ilana picks up Abbi, easily recognizing her better by her ass than her face, and delivers her friend to Dr. Heller, the world’s greatest chiropractor, played by Alan Alda. Thanks to a few snaps and snips and a tour of the world wide web, Abbi’s neck and hair are fixed and she has a DMV appointment for that afternoon. The ‘Customers With Appointments’ side of the DMV includes a man in a tux on roller skates, a chocolate fondue, a personal masseuse, and hair and make up people. In conclusion, it’s what we assume heaven looks like.

Meanwhile, one of Ilana’s deliveries takes her to the campaign headquarters for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, with Ilana quickly scoring her second job of the day thanks to her CV, which unfortunately does not stand for Coconut Vice. Her enthusiasm is killing it with her new boss, played by Cynthia Nixon, and Ilana is riding the Hillary high until she learns that she’s a volunteer, not a paid employee.


She cleans out her desk and kisses her tiny Hillary picture goodbye while giving Abbi a tour of all the places Clinton may have touched when the Kween herself arrives. The duo freak out appropriately, get a double wink, and promise to tweet “Vote For Hillary Yas Yas Yas” once a week.


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