See How Abbi And Ilana Met In Broad City’s Origin Story

The women of Broad City hit Comic Con this past weekend and for fans lucky enough to be in attendance, they were treated to an early screening of the first episode from Season 4. While fans at home weren’t privy to the premiere, it is exciting knowing that it’s ready for the universe to see. Yas kween.

Thankfully, missing out on the early screening of the Season 4 premiere doesn’t mean those who didn’t attend SDCC were left empty handed. Broad City stars and creators Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer have now shared the origin story of their on-screen characters and it’s just as casual, magical, and New York-y as we expected.

It may be difficult to imagine a time when their pair weren’t joined at the hip and able to imitate one another perfectly, but there was a time, BAI. Before Abbi and Ilana.

In the new clip, we see the pair met in 2011, with Ilana sporting straight hair and Abbi wearing the tell tale ‘different bangs’ look that is required in all shows to depict a time hop. Using a sliding doors analogy, we see how close the pair were to not becoming friends.

Of course, we now know how it all worked out.

The pair also took part in a trivia Q&A segment at last weekend’s SDCC where they were tested on how well IRL Abbi and Ilana know fictional Abbi and Ilana. Considering the women not only play the characters, but also write the show, we were pretty confident they would correctly answer all the questions. As usual, both fictional and IRL Abbi and Ilana do not let us down.

Season 4 of Broad City premieres Wednesday, September 13.