Bruno Mars And Cardi B Make Our ’90s Dreams Come True In ‘Finesse’ Video

Bruno Mars, Cardi B, Finesse

We’re living in an era of TV reboots and while we’ve seen a handful of successful shows from the ’90s make their return, including Full House, Mad TV, Roseanne, The X-Files and Twin Peaks, we’ve yet to see the Wayans brothers’ brilliant sketch comedy series In Living Color make its way back to the small screen. Until now. Well, kinda.

When Bruno Mars released his third album 24K Magic last year, the 2016 album had a distinct 1990s feel. Now Mars has doubled down on his decade of inspiration, scoring Cardi B for a remix of his new single “Finesse” and paying homage to the 1990s both visually and sonically.

Not only is the song built around a back beat that could have easily been lifted from a Bell Biv DeVoe single, but the new video features Mars, Cardi B, and a group of dancers doing their best impression of In Living Color, one of the greatest sketch shows to ever hit the small screen.

In today’s new video, Cardi and Mars are decked out in classic ’90s wear, sporting neon colours and Moschino branded clothing. Showing off his trademark dance moves, Mars performs with back up dancers for a group of Fly Girls on a replica of the In Living Color stage after showing off his spray painting skills alongside Cardi B.

In Living Color ran from 1990 – 1994 and made stars out of the Wayans brothers, as well as series regulars Jamie Foxx and Jim Carey. Success from In Living Color extended beyond the sketches and into the musical numbers, with her role as a Fly Girl counting as actor and singer Jennifer Lopez’s big break. The dance troupe was choreographed by fellow dancer and actor Rosie Perez, who earned three Emmy nominations for her work on In Living Color.

Now we can relive the magic of In Living Color thanks to Bruno Mars and Cardi B in “Finesse.” Honestly, we’re just surprised J Lo didn’t show up at some point in the video. We all know she can still move like a Fly Girl.