Bruno Mars Returns With New Single And Video For ‘24K Magic’


Guess who’s back again? You’ll know as soon as he walks in.

After four long years of no new solo material, Bruno Mars has finally returned wearing Cuban links, designer minks and Inglewood’s finest shoes. Keep up.

Mars teased the new single, his first since 2012’s Unorthodox Jukebox, on Monday, releasing the single title and promising fans that he’s been busy in the studio finishing his third album.

Now Mars has not only dropped the audio for “24K Magic,” which feels a lot like “Uptown Funk” 2.0 (fix your face, we’re not complaining), he also dropped a high rolling video to go with the party-ready track.

As with every silk shirt, dance move, note sung and sunglasses worn, Mars makes everything look effortlessly cool, including having fun on the Las Vegas strip. Surrounded by the Hooligans and a group of beautiful women in bikinis, Mars’ happiness is infectious as he lands his private jet and keeps the good times rolling in the city that never sleeps. Co-directed by Mars and Cameron Duddy, “24K Magic” is a nonstop party with a catchy beat that is sure to take over radio within hours.

This past summer, The Lonely Island released their first feature-length film Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, with the break up of the fictional band The Style Boyz the result of members disagreeing on who wrote a track comprised completely of quotable, hashtag-ready lyrics. Bruno Mars has essentially made the non-parody version of that song with his new single “24K Magic” and we are ready to incorporate every lyric into our daily conversation.

Mars is set to perform on SNL on October 15 and release his third studio album on November 18. Put your pinky rings up to the moon, Bruno Mars is back.