BTS Debuted Their New Song ‘Fake Love’ At The Billboard Music Awards And People Lost It

BTS, Billboard Music Awards

On Sunday night, the Billboard Music Awards took place at MGM Arena in Las Vegas and while the three-hour show was packed with incredible musical performances, for many fans the only moment that mattered was when K-pop group BTS took the stage. The fandom is real.

The Korean pop band not only won Top Social Artist during the show, but they also debuted their new single “Fake Love.” Taken from their latest album Love Yourself: Tear, “Fake Love” has all the melancholy and heartbreak necessary to send fans into full-on fangirl combustion.

Having only dropped their new album on Friday, 48 hours was still enough time for all the BTS fans in attendance to memorize the new track, with the crowd’s singing of “Fake Love” threatening to drown out the seven members of BTS throughout their high energy, heavily choreographed dance performance.

As it’s now to be expected with BTS, the sheer utterance of the band’s name sent fans into a tailspin. People. Lost. It. That includes celebs.

The love began during the red carpet show.

OMG for real.

This Is Us star Chrissy Metz knew exactly how much enthusiasm she needed to announce BTS as the winners of Top Social Artist.

Many fans crowned “Fake Love” as the best performance of the night.

Choreo on point.

Especially this point.

The group found a new fan in Tyra Banks.

Tyra wasn’t alone. The group got to have some mutual fan moments of their own as well with Taylor Swift, Pharrell, Lil Pump, and John Legend.

People were also really invested in the group’s skin care regime.

It’s true, they are glowing.