BTS Do The Fortnite Dance Challenge

BTS, Fortnite

There are few pop culture crazes that are bigger than Fortnite in 2018, but one thing that trumps the video game craze is K-Pop group BTS. In an effort to break the Internet, BTS appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week and combined their star power with the battle royale game, performing the Fortnite Dance Challenge. That high pitched noise you’ve been hearing all day is the sound of millions of fans around the world screaming in unison.

Now known as one of the only groups that can match host Jimmy Fallon’s non-stop onslaught of positivity, the members of BTS, along with Fallon, tried their best to take on the famous Fortnite dance moves of the various characters. No surprise, the professional singing and dance group slayed. Fallon did okay.

Following the dance skit, the seven-piece group sat down with Fallon for an interview, which mostly consisted of introductions and a lot of screaming. The group, which includes V, J-Hope, RM, Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, and Suga, also revealed their favourite parts about visiting New York, which included visiting the Museum of Modern Art and shopping. Um, can we travel with BTS, because it sounds like they enjoy the same tourist stuff as the rest of us?

The group also discussed their recent visit to the United Nations, where they became the first K-Pop group to address the prestigious organization. Promoting their mantra of ‘Speak Yourself,’ BTS leader Kim Nam Jun talked about empowering young people to believe in themselves and use their voices whenever possible to stand up for social causes.

Capitalizing on the group’s huge popularity, The Tonight Show gave BTS the rare opportunity to perform not one, but two of their huge hits on the famous stage. Get those ratings, y’all. Performing their huge single “Idol” from the album Love Yourself: Answer, BTS showed off their dance moves for the high energy track, bringing the latest iteration of the boy band phenomenon to North America.

Taking things back all the way to May 2018 (in the world of BTS that’s two albums ago), the group slowed things down with a performance their single “I’m Fine.” Let the screaming commence.