Buck 65 Discusses His New Book, Why He Loves Baseball And That Time He Almost Became A VJ


Rich Terfry a.k.a. Buck 65 has developed a lengthy resume throughout the years that includes being a rapper, producer, DJ, radio host and now an author. Last month, the artist published a book entitled Wicked and Weird: The Amazing Tales of Buck 65 and, yes, the stories are equal parts wicked and weird. Among them, Terfry explains to our very own Gaby Henderson how he associates sounds with shapes and colours, how he got stuck choosing between a tuba and a french horn in music class when he was younger and the importance of baseball in his life.

“I can remember the day my mother approached me about playing,” Terfry says, of when baseball entered his life. “As soon as I started playing, I took to it immediately […] because it just clicked, I always felt at ease when I was playing and I never really found that with anything else. Even with music, I don’t have any sort of natural abilities with that.”

While Terfry doesn’t feel the same ease with music as he does with baseball, he did get a huge boost early on in his musical career when one of the biggest bands in the world, Radiohead, gave him a glowing endorsement. Shortly after the release of their 2000 album Kid A, the band was asked who they were listening to at the time and they recommended Buck 65.

“Their endorsement meant that record companies came calling and, in the end, I spoke to them all and kind of had my pick,” he reveals. “That was it, that’s where my career really achieved lift off.”

Terfry could’ve very well achieved lift off at Much, though: apparently he once auditioned to become a Much VJ! “I went out and auditioned,” he tells us. “And I had gold teeth…I didn’t get too far in that process.”

Watch the full interview below! Rich Terfry’s new book Wicked and Weird: The Amazing Tales of Buck 65 is out now.