Buffer Festival 2016: How Our Fave Creators Saw It


Buffer Festival, an annual showcase that brings together YouTube stars and their audiences, took place this past weekend and featured creators like Andrea Russett, Olan Rogers, Timothy DeLaGhetto and more. We were curious to see how they documented their stays in Toronto on social media, so we present to you a roundup of the best social posts from this year’s Buffer Festival.

6ix of the best instas from Toronto

Bertie Gilbert, Arielle Scarcella, Andrea Russett, and Timothy DeLaGhetto got some pretty shots of TO’s skylines, Akilah Hughes gave us an inside look of the stunning Fairmont Royal York hotel, and Gunnarolla snapped a weirdly beautiful flock of birds outside Union Station that would put Alfred Hitchcock to shame.

Work that skyline, Toronto. @bufferfestival

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“You need to learn how to swim before you go out into deep waters to save someone else who is drowning.”

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Maybe I’ll get me a little high rise in Toronto

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This hotel has the dopest pool.

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Welcome to #the6ix

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Behind-The-Scenes Moments

Some of the creators let us peek backstage and gave shout outs to their fans in tweeting and Insta-ing at Buffer Festival.

Canadian trash.

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The Best Buffer Festival Looks

All the creators killed it with their outfits this weekend, but these were our faves.

It’s only day 2 of Bufferfest and I am having the time of my LIFE. Much Live tonight was ah-maazing! ✨#MUCHxBufferfestival

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Soundcheck is an hour behind. Well lit dressing room selfies! #bufferfestival

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So Much Emotion

Creators got real about how much they love the festival.


Buffer Festival, you’re incredible.

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Counting down the days to next year’s Buffer Festival? So are we!