Bülow Creates False Realities On New Song ‘Sweet Little Lies’

Bulow Sweet Little Lies

Sometimes you need to be fed a few sweet little lies to escape a dark reality. Fittingly, pop artist bülow embraces the idea that ignorance might just be bliss on her latest single, “Sweet Little Lies,” out today.

“Sweet Little Lies” is bold and dark, but romantic at its heart. “I love the picture in my head / But I know that it’s not real,” bülow sings. “I leave a picture in my head / ‘Cause I like how it makes me feel.” It’s that moment when you remember dream bae is better than your real bae…we’ve been there.

The young star’s new release follows the success of her two-part EP, Damaged Vol. 1 and Damaged Vol. 2, with the buzzworthy “Not A Love Song” racking up over 38 million streams online. She ended 2018 with another hit, “Two Punks In Love,” stripping things down to give fans an edgy acoustic, guitar-driven love song.

“’Sweet Little Lies’ is about creating false realities,” bülow said in a statement. “When things get real, we find escapes. Sometimes it’s hobbies, and sometimes it’s people. But the degree of it we can’t always control.”

Going through a hopeless romantic phase? Dealing with heartbreak? Lusting over a potential new suitor? bülow’s “Sweet Little Lies” fits every stage of love and is sure to be the next track you have on repeat.