Camila Cabello And Bazzi Mash Up Your Two Favourite ’90s Movies In ‘Beautiful’

Camila Cabello and Bazzi are bringing some serious teen nostalgia with their new video for “Beautiful.” Singer Bazzi released the new version of the song featuring Cabello in August and has now dropped a second video for his breakthrough track, this time using his former tour mate as his love interest while paying homage to two huge teen romance movies from the 1990s.

Director Jason Koeing shot the video with the pair over one day in New Orleans, which according to Cabello, was filmed in a restaurant where customers can pay to have dinner with ghosts. So, that’s terrifying.

“Beautiful” uses Baz Luhrmann’s iconic film William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet as the main inspiration, with the video featuring a handful of homages to the music-driven remake. While Bazzi is wearing a crushed velvet jacket in place of Leonardo DiCaprio’s armour, Cabello takes her fashion cues from Claire Danes’ Juliet, wearing angel wings and a flowing white gown.

The pair recreate the famous fish tank scene, which like the 1996 film, acts as the first time the star-crossed lovers meet.

Plus, you must have a balcony when it comes to Juliet and her Romeo.

The iconic William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet wasn’t the only 1990s teen film that made its impact on the new video. The pair also took a note from Drew Barrymore’s fairy tale flick Ever After.

Wearing a diamond-encrusted eye mask reminiscent of Barrymore’s makeup in the 1998 film, Cabello’s character disappears at the stroke of midnight, a move that had us searching for our dusty DVD of the Cinderella remake. Plus, more wings.

See for yourself just how closely Bazzi and Cabello recreated these two classic films from the ’90s in their new video for “Beautiful.” It’s very swoon-worthy.