Watch Camila Cabello Recall Her Parents’ Scary Journey To The U.S. In ‘Made In Miami’ Special

Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello may be one of the biggest pop stars in the world, but the 21-year-old has often kept things private when it came to her family. Now for the first time, Cabello has let cameras inside her childhood home for an in-depth look at the struggles her family endured to bring Camila to the U.S.

Born in Cuba, Cabello’s mother moved the young singer to America around the age of six without her father, whose nationality is Mexican. After years of being separated, Camila and her mother were finally reunited with her father in Miami, an incredible and courageous story that Cabello’s parents are now telling themselves in a new YouTube documentary, Made In Miami.

“Getting to share our story and shed light on immigrants immigration issues, I’m really proud of it,” says Cabello in the new doc. “I’m so influenced by Miami, which is why I never left. This is always gonna be my home. It made me.”

Joined by her grandparents and extended family, those closest to Cabello recall a shy child who would cry when asked to sing in front of others. That made Camila’s request to audition for The X Factor at age 15 even more surprising to her parents, who praise their daughter’s strength for her ability to perform in front of thousands of fans.

In addition to Cabello and her family, Made In Miami also features interviews with those closest to Cabello professionally. Simon Cowell, who helped discover Cabello on The X Factor, remembers the singer’s first audition, while singer and songwriter Charli XCX, who worked with Cabello on her debut album, recalls her concerns over working with an artist that began her career in a girl group. Canadian producer Frank Dukes also appears in the new doc, chronicling how “Havana” went from a simple beat, to a song that wasn’t even going to be released as a single, to one of the biggest tracks of 2017. Oh na na na indeed.

Following the release of Made In Miami, Cabello also filmed a YouTube Q&A for fans where she revealed that she’s adopted a new dog (a German shepherd named Thunder) and teased her upcoming Never Be The Same Tour, saying “I’m so excited about the show. It’s gonna be more than just me singing the songs, it’s gonna be a journey. You guys are gonna have a magical time.”