Can Drake Get You To Vote? This Petition Thinks So

Drake Petition Main

The Canadian Federal Election is fast approaching, with the final day to cast your vote and help decide the future Prime Minister of Canada taking place on October 19.

By now, you’ve probably seen the political ads, the interviews, and the obligatory Facebook involvement with the font overlays on profile pics. What you haven’t seen is Toronto’s Drake urging young people to vote, but if a new petition has anything to say about it, that will soon change.

Pointing out that 18-34 year-olds not only make the ages of Drake’s main audience but also the demographic of lowest voter turnout, the petition is urging Drake to encourage young Canadians to vote.

Started by Karilynn Ming Ho from Vancouver, the petition asks Drake to record a 30 second non-partisan PSA that will inspire young people to head to the polls, pointing out that Drake is the ‘only Canadian who can make civil liberty sexy’.

The petition has already accumulated 6,552 signatures and is hoping to gain a total of 7,500 and of course, Drake’s attention.

Click here to sign the petition and find out more about the upcoming Canadian Federal Election by checking out #MUCHVotes.