Canadian Music Week: Staff Picks

Tue, May, 3 by Much


Canadian Music Week has officially taken over Toronto. Now in its 34th year, this festival brings hundreds of up-and-coming acts from around the world and sticks them into the city’s best-known concert venues.

Overwhelmed by the long, long list of talent being showcased this week? We’ve got your back. Check out the top picks from staff and where to catch them below!

Rich Kidd

Playing: Saturday, May 7 – Silver Dollar @ 3 a.m.

Can I get a Bom Bom? Rich Kidd is a great rapper, dope producer and amazing live show—whether it’s live television or at jam-packed concert venue in Toronto his shows are never short in excitement. A CMW must see! -Tyrone, Much


Playing: Tuesday, May 3 – MOD Club @ 8:30 p.m.

Lapsley has an incredibly unique sound combining beautiful soft vocals with an interesting electronic track. “Falling Short” off her EP has been my go-to chill song over the past year. -Emma, MTV FORA


Playing: Friday, May 6 – Danforth Music Hall @ 10 p.m.

Say Konnichiwa to the reigning king of grime himself. The album drops Friday, so celebrate by raging at what’s sure to be one of the most ridiculously lit shows CMW will host. If you know Skepta, you know he’s going to “Shutdown” the 6ix. Plus, you never know if BBK’s newest member will stop by. -Andrew, Much

Meat Wave

Playing: Saturday, May 7 – Bovine Sex Club @ 12 a.m.

I should be picking Dilly Dally because they rip and they’re from Toronto, but that’s also allowed me to catch their local shows on several occasions—plus, they don’t exactly have a sprawling catalogue. So, consider them my runner up. I was big into Chicago trio Meat Wave’s breakneck 2015 sophomore full-length, Delusion Moon, so seeing them play to a sweaty midnight crowd at Bovine Sex Club is too good an opportunity to pass up. Bring earplugs. And body armour. -Neil, Space


Playing: Thursday, May 5 – Lee’s Palace @ 12 a.m.

Who’s at the TOP of my CMW must-see list? Montreal indie band TOPS. They’ve got a dreamy, chill vibe and put on an awesome live show. Also, the lead singer Jane used to beat up bullies in elementary school, so bonus points for street cred. -Hilary, MTV FORA

The Dudes

Playing: Wednesday, May 4 – Cherry Cola’s @ 1 a.m. /Thursday, May 5 – Horseshoe Tavern @ 9 p.m.

Fun and catchy rock’n’roll from Calgary. No need to wax poetic about The Dudes. They’ll put a smile on your face and a cell phone in your pocket. It’s hard to high-five a stranger with a cellphone in your hand. The Dudes will give you the urge to high-five a stranger. -Dan, Much


Playing: Saturday, May 7 – Mod Club @ 12 a.m.

If indie-electronic jams are the sound you’re chasing, then consider checking out Canadian act, Humans. The tracks mixed and created by Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq are both chill and upbeat, making for an easy set to vibe to. Plus, having them on your must-see CMW list will definitely score you cool points if you’re out schmoozing this weekend. -Cherylann, MTV

Dilly Dally

Playing: Saturday, May 7 – Lee’s Palace @ 12 a.m.

Luckily for Neil, I did choose Dilly Dally as my must-see act. If you like frontwomen who kick ass, loud guitars and the possibility of hearing a Drake cover, then this is the act you can’t miss. Dilly Dally is what your angry high school garage band sounds like when it graduates. -Celina, Much