Cara Delevingne Reveals The Time She Pranked Taylor Swift’s Squad

Cara D and Squad

Being a member of Taylor Swift’s celebrity squad comes with certain benefits. Inclusion in music videos, invites to award shows and if you’re really lucky, a bunk for Taylor’s famous Fourth of July party at her house in Rhode Island.

Model and actor Cara Delevingne has been a top-tier squad member for some time and this year made her first appearance at the Fourth of July celebrity extravaganza. There was Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Ed Sheeran and Gigi Hadid. Taylorston and Hiddleswift. And ghosts. Well, fake ghosts.

Happy 4th from us ❤️

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Delevingne appeared on The Late Late Show this week to promote her upcoming film, Suicide Squad, and revealed that the last time she played a prank was in fact at the aforementioned A-list weekend. That’s when you know you’ve secured a spot in the squad—when you can risk expulsion by pranking.

Delevingne continued dropping names like flies and explained that Haim and Kesha had spent a good part of the day watching scary movies, which inspired Delevingne, along with Orange Is The New Black actors Ruby Rose and Uzo Aduba, to stay up until 4 a.m. and wake the women up by pretending to be ghosts. Haim and Kesha nearly called the police.

In addition to expert pranking, Delevingne also showed off her impressive rap battle skills alongside host James Corden and fellow guest Dave Franco, with the three celebs brutally roasting one another. We’d feel bad for all of them if they weren’t so talented and successful.

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