Is Cara Delevingne Setting The New Standard For Models?

While the fashion industry continues to make strides towards becoming more inclusive of body types, ethnicities, and gender fluidity, runways are still largely ruled by very tall, very thin, very white women.

With continuing efforts to make runways more representative of typical sidewalks in big cities, some models are branching out in ways the separate them from the pack. Historically, being a top model meant largely focusing on runway and print work, but as the fashion industry strives to be more inclusive, many models are doing their part to diversify their portfolio and use their platforms to speak out on important social causes. In 2017, no one is doing that better than Cara Delevingne, and here’s how.



When it comes to using her huge platform to share her convictions about important social changes, Delevingne has always kept it personal. She’s an animal rights advocate and has spoken publicly about her personal struggle with depression. She’s also spoken openly about being bisexual, acting as a positive role model for her young fans.



Cara recently released her first music video for the song “I Feel Everything” from her film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. She also showed off her impressive singing abilities in the new Burberry campaign along with Matt Smith.



Delevingne has quickly established herself as not only one of the most exciting models of her generation, but also an accomplished actor. She made her big screen debut in Anna Karenina in 2012 and followed it up with leading roles in Paper Towns and Suicide Squad, roles that spoke to her young and diverse fan base.


Fashion Designer

In 2014, Cara teamed up with DKNY to release a unisex street style line that was perfect for fans of any gender identity. She later designed collections for the high end Mulberry brand as well, showing Cara knows how to rock hot fashion and make it herself.

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In October 2017, Cara released her first novel, the YA book Mirror, Mirror. The book follows a group of teens who must deal with the tragic loss of their friend while coming to terms with their own identity and sexuality. How many models, or people in general, can say they’ve released their own novel? Badass status complete.

It’s finally here!! Can’t wait for you all in the UK to get yours too. Pre-order is still available in the US.

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Social Media

While many celebs use their social media platforms to present a perfectly curated image of their persona, Cara keeps it real and personal, posting goofy pictures, advocating for causes she cares about, and sending positive messages to her huge fan base.

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