Cardi B Doing ASMR Is The Ultimate Relaxation

Cardi B, ASMR

We’re calling it—Cardi B is best celebrity spokesperson for ASMR. Okurrrr? The award-winning rapper and new mom teamed up with W Magazine to give an interview in the style of ASMR, which sounds odd on paper, but soothing IRL.

Autonomous sensory meridian response or ASMR is defined as an “experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine.” It’s often triggered by exposure to specific audio and visual cues and can create a sense of relaxation and euphoria for those who respond to the stimuli. In the case of Cardi B, the triggers include the rapper speaking slowly and softly into two microphones while caressing a fuzzy rug and playing with a children’s wooden toy.

Cardi is one of the millions of people who watch ASMR videos on YouTube every day, slowly and smoothly telling listeners “My husband thinks it’s very strange and weird that I watch ASMR every single day to go to bed, but it gives me a very tingly, tingly, tingly, tingly sensation.”

Delivering a handful of triggers, including repeating words and describing the feeling of objects in front of her, Cardi B spoke about her career in the new interview, giving her most subdued sound bites ever.

“When ‘Bodak Yellow’ came out, I was wondering if this is going to be my first hit and it was. It changed my life forever but I was also scared because the song was so big I didn’t know that the next record was going to follow up. I didn’t want to be a one hit wonder. But I did very successful features following the record,” said Cardi. “When I was doing Invasion of Privacy, I thought that ‘Be Careful’ was going to be my biggest hit record because I felt like every woman could relate to the record.”

The New York-native also talked about her pregnancy, saying “I couldn’t believe that ‘I Like It’ was such a hit, but you know, people like the song. It was the last video I shot when I was six months pregnant. We shot it in Miami and it was very, very hot. I was getting very, very sick because I was so, so pregnant and my feet were getting swollen, swollen, swollen…”

As for how she feels about motherhood, Cardi spoke lovingly about her daughter, possibly using the same soft delivery that helps get baby Kulture to sleep at night. “My favourite thing about being a mother is that I have somebody to look forward to looking at every single day and night. I get very anxious to see my baby 24/7. I love my baby’s face. I love her breath and I love her smile.”

You can watch Cardi B’s ASMR video now or you can wait until bedtime. It really is relaxing.