Caribou Explains What He Means By The EDM Barf-plosion


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Canadian electronic musician Caribou had a banner year in 2014. Sure his 2007 album Andorra won the 2008 Polaris Music Prize, but his latest record Our Love is already getting even bigger buzz. We have to say that it really was one of our favourite albums from last year.

While others slot him under EDM, he does not, making it a complicated relationship. When he came though Much, we had to get to the bottom of what he called the “EDM Barf-plosion”.

“For me the fascinating thing about the whole EDM thing in America in the past few years is not so much the music which sounds just to me like a more amped up version of kind of trance music or trap music or whatever or some hybrid of those things,” he said. “The way that big money, corporate money piled into this thing that they perceived as a kind of get rich quick opportunity. It was that that really turned me off.”

Although he does use electronic instruments to make his music, he doesn’t think of his music in terms of EDM at all.

“For me it doesn’t really fit in with… EDM has a very strict template of what the music sounds like,” he said. “I’m always interested in people that haven’t heard my music before hearing it and if it is a way that introduces people to a different kind of electronic music and provides a way for them to get into something a little different from what the mainstream EDM phenomenon is then that’s fine with me.”

Check out more from the interview including his memories from being on the road with Radiohead and what it was like to make his album on his own terms.

Caribou’s tour continues this year with dates in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton and Calgary. Listen to his single, “Our Love” below.

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