Listen To Carly Rae Jepsen and Lil Yachty Rethink ‘It Takes Two’

Earlier this week, we reported that Carly Rae Jepsen and Lil Yachty recorded a cover of the Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock hit “It Takes Two”—and today, the full version of the song finally dropped.

Curiously, almost none of Jepsen and Lil Yachty’s lyrics—save for the chorus—are the same as the lyrics from the 1988 original, with Yachty rapping lines like, “I’m not the most lyrical kid known / But I’m known to keep the party goin.’”

Even Jepsen contributes a couple of original verses, saying, “Bringin’ new moves to the old school / Time for the whole world to enjoy the view.”

We expected CRJ to just chime in during the chorus, but we should have known that the Canadian songstress would push the envelope and add her own rap—even just a short, melodic one—to the song, despite telling Entertainment Weekly that she was simply “going for more of a rhythmic girlie moment in the number.”

A short behind-the-scenes clip was also released today, where Yachty, Jepsen, music producer Mike WiLL Made-It and choreographer Mandy Moore talk a little bit about the process of making the Target-branded music video for “It Takes Two.”

Even though we never thought a hip-hop producer like Mike WiLL Made-It would ever consider working on something like “It Takes Two,” in the clip he describes himself as a “genre-bending person” and someone who wants to make music that “nobody else would… think about.”

After watching the clip, it’s clear Mike, Jepsen and Yachty all had a blast making the music video, which will, according to an official statement from Target, “Be an epic dance party, where everyday products transform into instruments, eye candy and more.” Later in the clip, Carly Rae admits that when she first heard that Mike WiLL Made-It and Lil Yachty were going to be involved in the “It Takes Two” cover, she “kind of had to say yes.”

Roman Coppola, who directed the music video, similarly says that he was attracted to the project because he had never done anything like it before and there’s intrigue with making a video that will appear on TV only once—during the Grammy Awards ceremony this Sunday.

Though the song is cute and catchy and makes for a decent background song for a commercial, we’re not sure if we’d actually go back and listen to it after the ad airs. If we’re going to listen to “It Takes Two,” we’re probably going to listen to the original.