Carrie Underwood Addresses ‘Smoke Break’ Controversy With Much

Carrie Underwood Main

Former American Idol winner and country super star Carrie Underwood is not the first artist that comes to mind when the word ‘controversy’ pops up. But this year, the seven-time Grammy winner released the song Smoke Break about finding stress relievers and came under fire.

“I think people look really hard to be offended about everything these days,” Carrie recently told Much’s Gaby Henderson. “So I think the people, if they were offended, probably aren’t my fans anyways. They probably haven’t listened to the song.”

With her fifth album Storyteller released earlier this month, a North American tour planned for 2016, endorsement deals with Almay Cosmetics, her own line of work out gear, and a new baby with husband and NHL player Mike Fisher, we want to know what Underwood does to relieve stress in her packed schedule. “I think my ‘smoke break’ is a cup of coffee before my day gets nuts in the morning before the baby is awake, before Mike is even up.”

It’s been ten years since Underwood broke into the music scene with American Idol and since then the Oklahoma native has racked up countless awards and fans around the world. Her secret to improvement? Practice. “My songwriting has only gotten better over the years just because the more you do something the better you get at it. The same goes for vocals. I feel like I’m always growing.”

Check out Gaby Henderson’s full interview with Carrie Underwood below!