Cassius Celebrates National Kissing Day In ‘The Missing’


There’s no better way to celebrate National Kissing Day than by watching a music video that’s all about locking lips. French electronic duo Cassius created an interactive visual for their song, “The Missing” (featuring Ryan Tedder), from their forthcoming album, Ibifornia. The video seems to promote the practice the French are best known for. In the wee hours of the morning yesterday, they shared a sneak peak on their Twitter account.

As shown in the preview, the audience can change the actors in the video in real time by simply clicking on their faces. Emphasizing the progressive normalization of gender and sexual fluidity, the audience doesn’t know which gender the next participant will be. With 20 different actors that have an array of unique characteristics, you can play with this video all day and create an endless possibilities of pairs. If you just want the couples to randomly change throughout, there is an option for that as well. Check out the interactive video for yourself over on Cassius’ website.

Regardless of whoever you choose, the steamy make out session and theme of young love is consistent. On an ’80s-style synth mixed with hipster funk, Cassius prove themselves to be strong contenders for the song of the summer.

You can grab Ibifornia on August 26. The album features appearances by Pharrell Williams, Beastie Boys’ Mike D and Cat Power. In the meantime, whether you’re single or in love, celebrate National Kissing Day with this hot track.